Translation of night shift in Spanish:

night shift

turno nocturno, n.


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    turno nocturno masculine
    turno de la noche masculine
    • The woman, who is in her 30s, was on her way to a night shift at Harwich Hospital.
    • To earn extra money, he switches to the night shift in the bottle factory where he's a valued worker.
    • Besides her mom was working the night shift at the hospital and wouldn't be able to hear them ‘getting out of hand’.
    • Cognitive performance improved from baseline to test periods during the night shift.
    • David probably just left for a night shift at the hospital.
    • We thought, okay, he needs to adjust to the night shift.
    • But usually only one doctor and about one-third of the nurses work at the hospital during the night shift.
    • And so I have begun another week of working the night shift in the ER.
    • I heard Karen come in from her night shift at about 4:00.
    • Today begins my transition into working the night shift.
    • However, during the critical night shift no more than five are rostered for duty, leaving just 16 ambulances to cover the greater Dublin region.
    • To those working on the night shift, this cold feeling should be considered a warning sign of extreme circadian disruption.
    • So where hospitals have been able to staff the night shift, that's how nurses have done it.
    • We excluded 2 subjects working night shift during the study period from the analysis.
    • She works the night shift at a hospital in New Jersey.
    • Mom's out for the night, as usual, since she's over at the hospital doing the night shift.
    • After working the night shift for three months, I was transferred to the day shift.
    • For the most part though, this is a brilliant job, but if alcohol did not exist, we would have a very quiet time on the night shift.
    • Their mother worked the night shift at the local hospital and did not get home until eight in the morning.
    • Two thousand mostly female workers carry out a ten-hour night shift at an armaments factory dedicated to making tank parts.