Translation of nightmare in Spanish:


pesadilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnʌɪtmɛː//ˈnaɪtˌmɛr/


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    pesadilla feminine
    (vision/journey/situation) (before noun) pesadillesco
    (journey/vision/situation) (before noun) de pesadilla
    to have nightmares tener pesadillas
    • the trip/interview was a nightmare la excursión/entrevista fue una pesadilla
    • Though I did primary school teaching I forgot what a nightmare these tests are for parents.
    • Being in a plane doesn't bother me a bit, but being in a crawlspace is my worst nightmare.
    • The twentieth century was scarred by the nightmare of Hitler's dream for the Aryan race.
    • You see if I don't get better quickly he will have to face his worst nightmare.
    • We take a simple consumption tax and turn it into a complicated nightmare.
    • If your dialog box gets at all complicated, it can lead to a maintenance nightmare.
    • Before I could do anything else, my worst nightmare happened, right before my eyes.
    • And yesterday came confirmation that their worst nightmare had been realised.
    • To act as if it's no big deal is to ignore the organizational nightmare involved in creating a large-scale event such as this.
    • It is Danny's worst nightmare: the encounter his fear had tried so hard to warn him about.
    • At one stage the traffic in all directions came to a complete standstill which is our worst nightmare.
    • For many it can be a communications nightmare on top of an already challenging situation.
    • Outdated non-computerised files will lead to compliance nightmares.
    • But he has avoided his own worst nightmare, which is that of missing life entirely.
    • It was hard enough for the print media to deal with, and a nightmare for radio.
    • Brad was my ex-boyfriend and the worst nightmare I have ever had to deal with.
    • A few hours later, after having been dragged out of the hotel at gunpoint, my worst nightmare had come true.
    • Also, we are able to utilise him straight away to prevent simple situations from developing into nightmares.
    • So for somebody to be alleging that he abuses kids, that's got to be his worst nightmare.
    • He was every kid's worst nightmare for an uncle so feel sorry for Elissa - he was her uncle.
    • Keeping up and dealing with the latest toy crazes can be a nightmare.
    • The whole world thinking that he is a pathetic loser is pretty much his worst nightmare.
    • I gulped as I gently set the phone back into the cradle and turn to face my worst nightmare.
    • Class sizes rose and clashing tests made drawing up an examination timetable a nightmare.
    • It was simply asked that she account for her actions at a public inquiry and the situation turned into a nightmare.
    • In denying him his right to be buried in Jerusalem, the Israelis have created their worst nightmare.
    • However, when a woman gives birth her worst nightmare would be to have her child kidnapped from her.
    • His worst nightmare came true the day before when he spotted some of his sheep frothing at the mouth.
    • It's your worst nightmare getting turned over in one of these games but maybe it'll make one or two of our guys sit and think a little bit.
    • Such duplication of effort was not only a waste of resources but also a potential nightmare for those waiting on the test results.
    • You know this is a Mother and Wife's worst nightmare ever, and both nightmares came to life in one single day.
    • We are so concerned because if we don t get approval it will be a nightmare over the next five years.
    • When I looked down at the bottom of the cliff it was my worst nightmare.
    • That situation could have been a nightmare, but his mum views us both as surrogate daughters and is very easy to get along with.