Translation of nightwear in Spanish:


ropa de dormir, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnʌɪtwɛː//ˈnaɪtˌwɛr/


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    ropa de dormir feminine
    • Can we expect to see a convoy of patients in their nightwear pushing each other in wheelchairs, or hobbling along with their drip-stands to get outside the grounds so they can smoke?
    • As it was, he felt a searing pain across his midsection as her incredibly-sharp point ripped through his nightwear and into his skin.
    • Scantily-clad models sashayed down the catwalk in lingerie and nightwear, and two male models set pulses racing with a display of casual wear and underwear.
    • I'm not going to wear it around or anything, but it's good nightwear.
    • Inside her room, Keira commenced to change into her nightwear.
    • Half an hour later we all were in our nightwear and we were sitting or laying in our sleeping bags.
    • You put your stuff in a locker which contains towels and nightwear (a Japanese robe) and shuffle around in indoor slippers.
    • He had on fresh clothes, his nightwear, and his hair still dripped from being wet.
    • No, I wore thermal nightwear on winter nights only.
    • Her nightwear was a baggy tunic that fell to her knees.
    • The three girls ventured upstairs to get changed into their nightwear, Kelly went downstairs in just a night - shirt, which barely covered her legs and Ben was not impressed.
    • From the cheerleader section to denim, gypsy to skateboard, uniforms to sportswear, nightwear to wedding, and the swinging seventies section all tastes were catered for.
    • The firm, set up in 1957, manufactures lingerie, swimwear and nightwear for high street stores and designer labels.
    • So, it is not a surprise that exporters line up with a range of clothing, from nightwear, formals and casuals, with latest designs, at the show.
    • Lingerie and nightwear can be a great holiday gift idea for that someone special.
    • The droplets of water caught the edges of her lace nightwear and sparkled in the morning sun.
    • But she is determined to use her experience to help others and she has launched a campaign to have children's nightwear and clothing made from non-flammable materials.
    • She had a habit of sleeping in warm weather nightwear during the coldest winter months.
    • The safety standard for children's nightwear says garments must be labelled Low Fire Danger, which the Pjays range was.
    • Residents from Sagar Sangeet were evacuated and stood around in their nightwear tearfully watching burning debris falling from the top floors of the building.