Translation of nineteen in Spanish:


diecinueve, n.

Pronunciation /ˌnaɪnˈtin//nʌɪnˈtiːn//ˈnaɪnˌtin//ˈnʌɪntiːn/


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    diecinueve masculine
    • Staying on sweetcorn I had an all action hour or so taking fish right through the sizes, the largest one being the last before I moved, a nineteen pound common.
    • The results showed that only nine out of the nineteen autistic children succeeded in a regular first grade classroom, after treatment had been delivered.
    • Any failure to recall that incident on Mr. Duncan's part is the simple result of the effluxion of the nineteen intervening years.
    • He told the BBC World Service that he was one of nineteen children from his village forced to join the army because his parents did not have enough money to give to a visiting army recruitment unit.
    • The quality of a volume written by nineteen authors and comprising some eighteen individual essays can vary considerably.
    • Eric Shanes is a painter, the author of nineteen books and catalogues (including nine on Turner) and a lecturer on art.
    • Over the years I was there the attendance ranged from nine to nineteen.
    • The nineteen Tibeto-Burman-speaking groups include nine groups that speak Karen languages.
    • It is about a team putting a string of thirty eight results together, earning more points along the way, than any one of the other nineteen teams in it.
    • Unfortunately a few people couldn't make it along, because of illness or other engagements - but the remaining nineteen of us managed to raise a toast to them.
    • The idea of spending the last nineteen or twenty years in this little spot sounded terrifying, in a cold sort of way.
    • It runs nineteen minutes and includes interview footage with Bruce Lee.
    • He also led before his retirement nineteen stages into last year's rally.
    • The number of women included among the contributors has also increased from nine to nineteen.
    • I was only out of prison for a few months when I was back again and that continued for the next nineteen years.
    • In nineteen of them the biographies of famous Greeks and Romans such as Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are compared.
    • Of the nineteen planes, five would be held in reserve during the attacks.
    • Before the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, Tubman bravely returned to the South nineteen times to lead other slaves, including her own parents, to freedom.
    • Her scores were eight, two, nine, a total of nineteen.
    • And we had to finish everything in eighteen days, because there wasn't going to be any money left to go on to a day nineteen.


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    (invariable adjective) diecinueve