Translation of ninety in Spanish:


noventa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnaɪn(t)i//ˈnʌɪnti/


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    noventa masculine
    temperatures in the nineties temperaturas superiores a los noventa grados Fahrenheit
    • It contains some three hundred bird species, ninety mammals, fifty species of fish big and small with one thousand seven hundred flowering plants.
    • The Hutterites manage their expansion so that on the average each colony consists of from ninety to one hundred persons.
    • ‘You know, the time - the average time - to fix on an operating system other than Windows is typically ninety to a hundred days,’ said Gates.
    • Beside her was Jason, a tall gangly guy sporting what looked like ninety pounds of hair gel, and a good natured goofy grin.
    • This airborne variant of Ebola is currently under study and we should have a vaccine for it in production within ninety days.
    • This type of music is made by bands of up to and including seven hundred members, ninety percent of whom play garbage cans as drums or some sort of garbage filled Xylophones.
    • Fewer still can look back over ninety years of car production and say with confidence that its current models are as stylish, as desirable and as exciting as any that the company has ever made.
    • Two thousand calendars were produced, with ninety per cent so far sold, raising in excess of $25,000.
    • Ultimately, if Celtic are to win they will need to produce their greatest ninety minutes for many years.
    • She's four feet, nine inches tall, and only weighs ninety pounds.
    • In the film, we have ninety or a hundred minutes of good looking youngsters, who are being savagely attacked on an isolated island, near an abandoned rave.
    • Bones, from St. Louis, is a very aesthetic person who couldn't weigh any more than ninety pounds.
    • I, on the other hand, was five feet and three inches and weighed about ninety pounds, as I would guess.
    • The ninety to one hundred campers in the study were selected by the camp directors and were, for the most part, return campers.
    • This couple had nine children, and ninety grandchildren, so to write about them all has been a mammoth undertaking.
    • The last three or four weeks I've been working flat out, ninety to a hundred and ten hours a week.
    • She's a little willow - she looks like she would weigh maybe ninety pounds, after eating a huge feast.
    • When he died in 1980, at the age of eighty-four, Piaget bad written more than ninety books and five hundred articles on these differences.
    • By the way, ninety to a hundred years ago, this was the first stop for a variety of immigrants.
    • They told me you were ten months old, a Golden Retriever, Great Pyrenees mix and weighed ninety pounds.


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    (invariable adjective) noventa