Translation of no-account in Spanish:


que no vale nada, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊəˌkaʊnt/



  • 1

    (before noun) que no vale nada
    (before noun) despreciable
    • Most promisingly of all, there is Jack Black, playing Shaun's no-account brother Lance.
    • The degeneration of the proud self-sufficient savage into the shifty, no-account native is often as tragic as it is inevitable.
    • ‘Hustling the Hustler’ brings in Buddy's no-account brother, and adds a convenient basement and pool table to the Petrie home.
    • Not in a negative way, but in the sense that she's almost reduced it to the status of a no-account irritation.
    • Without such an advisor, of course, the bench could potentially become crowded with no-account Liberal hacks of no discernible talent or skill.
    • She cried for one of his no-account hoodlum friends, one whom she'd barely known at all.
    • He is the Quantico drill instructor who has never seen combat - but has saved countless lives by turning slouchy, no-account rednecks and gang members into Marines, and teaching them to watch each other's backs.
    • Also turning up to pay their last respects are Bud's sister Marguerite and her no-account son, Royce.
    • They'll ask me what in the world I'm doing ride with a no-account cowboy and why didn't I wait for Brad.
    • She has no daughters, or daughters-in-law (unless you count the no-account woman her younger son is married to, which no one does), and only one sister, so I think she sort of misses out by not having a close female friend.
    • But what else could I expect from a bunch of low-rent, no-account hoodlums like you?
    • As film historian Thomas Doherty notes, the ‘slanderous central conceit’ of High Noon was that ‘the Old West was packed with no-account yellow-bellies.’
    • What type of business truly gives away anything for free or hires lazy, no-account, unskilled employees?
    • At one point I hear Charlie Robison's song ‘My Home Town ‘, where there is the part where he sings about being a no-account pipe-line bum who quit his job at the end of the week and took his check and ‘spent it all on pot‘.
    • West Topsham is a small no-account town just a few miles from the Northeast Kingdom.