Translation of no-go area in Spanish:

no-go area

zona prohibida, n.


  • 1

    zona prohibida feminine
    that neighborhood is a no-go area no se puede poner pie en ese barrio
    • It seems North Street is in danger of becoming a no-go area.
    • A resident had voiced concerns over the parks becoming no-go areas for the public at night but the police have responded quickly with the extra patrols.
    • Worried parents have complained that youngsters have made the park a no-go area for their younger children with underage drinking and drug taking.
    • A series of high profile crimes in the town centre has led some to view it as a no-go area at night.
    • He said some city centres had already been turned into late-night no-go areas because of excessive drinking.
    • The programme didn't sit on the fence, nor should it with our town and city centres being turned into no-go areas for anyone sober and over 35.
    • There are areas in the town being perceived as no-go areas.
    • An army of rats is turning an area off Walmersley Road into a no-go area, according to nearby residents.
    • People must continue to regard these as no-go areas as we will take action towards anybody wilfully ignoring the closures.
    • And then night bus services were cancelled when the estate became considered a no-go area.
    • The ‘honeymoon period’ is intended to warn drivers that places they have previously parked without problems will become no-go areas.
    • We are no longer prepared to tolerate our town and city centres becoming no-go areas on Friday and Saturday nights.
    • She didn't like the rubbish and old mattresses piling up outside the empty house next door, the graffiti plastered all over the estate, or the no-go areas in the local park.
    • Talk also to people out for a normal evening and finding no-go areas developing in their neighbourhoods because of violence and drunken behaviour.
    • Those under 16s caught in the new no-go areas - probably parks and near shopping blocks - could be bundled into police cars and taken home.
    • Other towns and city centres have become no-go areas for ordinary people after dark.
    • The scheme features environmentally-friendly buildings, landscapes and transport on the site and the new campus will be a virtual no-go area for the motor car.
    • Sporadic fighting persists in US controlled areas and the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala are no-go areas for US troops.
    • For the purpose of wind development the peninsula is a no-go area where no wind farms will be allowed.
    • Charity workers claim that controversial changes to the town's parking arrangements are turning it into a no-go area for disabled people, reports Michelle Steele.