Translation of no-name in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnoʊˌneɪm/



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    producto que no es de marca masculine
    • He's just signed on to play Darren in an updated version of the titular '60s sitcom - under the condition that the producers cast a no-name for the role of Samantha.
    • You stick with no-names like the woman at the well.
    • But hey, they're a couple of no-names from Old Europe.
    • When the Padres traded Gary Sheffield, Bruce Hurst, Tony Fernandez, and Fred McGriff for prospects and no-names in 1992 and 1993, fans turned away in droves.
    • When they did call, they were usually no-names.
    • The rotation is full of no-names, but they're young, they'll eat innings, and they'll keep the offense in games.
    • That's a fiction you can't sustain with a roster full of rookies and no-names.
    • Perhaps because most of the cast is made up of relative no-names, we shouldn't expect the caliber of their talent to be very high, but more of the blame for the poor performances can be laid at the director's feet.
    • In fact it's a measure of the depth of the Royals that last Saturday's line up wasn't a bunch of no-names.
    • In part because the Pistons won the NBA championship with hard-working no-names last season, the summer has been a boom time for Bartelstein.
    • Pirates fans, looking on as their no-names struggle to compete in the N.L. Central, can be excused for holding a grudge.
    • His coaching run in Orlando, which began with an overachieving group of no-names, was about to end very differently.
    • For the final two months of the season, the Hawks were an extremely overachieving and exciting bunch of no-names.
    • A big name means a lot in politics, but some lesser no-names could be lurking beneath the radar in the 2008 presidential race.
    • It's no fun watching a bunch of no-names fill the Busch fields.
    • With a few exceptions, most of them are no-names, working behind the scenes and far from the public glare.
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    desconocido masculine
    desconocida feminine