Translation of nob in Spanish:


encopetado, n.

Pronunciation /nɒb//nɑb/



  • 1

    encopetado masculine informal
    encopetada feminine informal
    • Previously chicken was regarded as mere peasant food, but the ever socially aspirant Portuguese saw the nobs taking an interest in the chicken stones and started to eat more chicken and chicken related products.
    • The real worry about this is that it did not happen in Chapel town in Leeds, nor in some of the riot-prone ghettoes of Bradford, but in a leafy part of Mar'ton where the nobs all live.
    • If I blocked out all the wealthy nobs around me I could see only one thing.
    • Sebastian was probably the best in their batch, although that was expected, since if Jacob's theory was true, he must be a nob, and nobs always learned to fence fancy.
    • The whole economy is down, except for the big nobs who can afford to get it back somehow.
    • He once famously warned the Government that British television was being turned into a two-tier system: ‘Telly for the nobs and telly for the slobs’.
    • It is good, of course, for the nobs to get about a bit and see how the other half lives; but this will not necessarily benefit anybody but themselves, whereas joining a political organisation might bring the masses real gains.
    • We transported some Chelsea nobs to the art galleries up Piccadilly and we delivered a smiling kid with an Incredibles balloon to the estates of Highbury.
    • I really think the big nobs were here to see if we should begin production of the 5 series or the 7 series at the Amata City plant.
    • Jack at last relented about my going to Tartan Day - but I had to fly on the cheapest economy ticket, while Jack and the rest of the nobs flew First.