Translation of nobleman in Spanish:


noble, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊbəlmən//ˈnəʊb(ə)lmən/


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    noble masculine
    aristócrata masculine
    • There were nearly a dozen others present: noblemen and ladies, members of the royal court.
    • You're a noble, and noblemen have to look out for their families.
    • I suppose they would have also called literacy or public schools an elitist agenda back before anyone but noblemen knew how to read.
    • His father had inherited the Acton family baronetcy and his mother was the heiress of a German nobleman, the Duke of Dalberg.
    • Many noblemen and noblewomen came with gifts but most people came with prayers for the princess.
    • A brazen fanfare erupted from the royal minstrels, and whole ranks of armor-clad young noblemen stepped forward.
    • Due to the town's charming environment, in ancient times many noblemen and distinguished families built their private gardens there.
    • Funds were provided for the eight-strong party of noblemen and ladies, their twelve gentlemen attendants and seventy-five servants.
    • Part of French history meant that France had two noblemen titled the Admiral of the Channel and the Admiral of the Atlantic.
    • We were all seated in the council, all the noblemen and all the aristocrats and councilors.
    • This is the council of noblemen that advise the Duke.
    • The rest of his clothing was quite plain for a nobleman, as he hated his own title.
    • They offered an outlet for the ambitions of land-hungry knights and noblemen.
    • The beaver pelts were used to make felt hats (typically top hats) for European noblemen and merchants alike.
    • He was standing in the middle of the room, dressed richly, like a duke or a nobleman.
    • His voluminous surviving correspondence is full of letters from noblemen of all ranks eager to gain his favour or reporting on tasks that he had given them in the hope of further preferment.
    • How her beauty was known to all mankind and how knights and noblemen would plead King Julius for his daughter's hand.
    • Among his debtors were many Russian aristocrats and noblemen, both Russian and foreigners.
    • The Duke of Rivenston led the small group of reporters, noblemen and ladies on a quick tour of the centre.
    • He entered with the trained dignity of a nobleman and met the duke's steely gaze.