Translation of nod in Spanish:


Pronunciation /nɑd//nɒd/


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    he greeted her with a nod la saludó con la cabeza
    • she gave a nod of agreement asintió con la cabeza
    • he gave a nod and we set off me hizo una señal con la cabeza y nos fuimos
    • a nod is as good as a wink (to a blind man / horse) a buen entendedor pocas palabras (bastan)
    • Nelson gave a curt nod of his head, and Morton picked up the mike at the plot table.
    • He just kept on playing, allowing himself only the merest nod of recognition.
    • She gave the men a nod of thanks and quickly closed the door.
    • Marvin gave them a slight imperceptible nod and they grinned darkly.
    • He gave her a final nod with a smile, and exited the cabin.
    • Marissa gave a curt nod of her head before making her way to one of the two logs.
    • Evan's barely perceptible nod was his only answer.
    • She did not even have to give the slightest of nods in reply.
    • He answered my father with a slight nod, his cold eyes never leaving my own.
    • Only after their new boss's back was turned did he look up and give Gina a quick acknowledging nod.
    • Amanda commented to Jenkins and received a curt nod of acknowledgement.
    • He turned down the challenge gracefully with a slight nod of approval.
    • He just gave a quick and indifferent nod in her direction and walked past.
    • ‘Yes,’ she said with a slight nod and as she started backing slowly away.
    • Simon gave Jacob a slow yet reassuring nod.
    • ‘Anytime,’ I replied, and gave her a slight nod as she departed in the opposite direction.
    • The queen went back to her dinner with a slight nod.
    • After getting nods of agreement from Brad and Natasha, she opened the book.
    • Alexis returned the embrace and agreed with the slight nod of her head.

transitive verbnodded, nodding

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    he nodded his head (in agreement) asintió con la cabeza
    • he nodded his approval hizo un gesto de aprobación con la cabeza
    • Today I nodded my greeting, but he avoided my gaze, and whizzed past with his son.
    • The teen girl nodded her understanding, and disappeared down the hallway.
    • ‘We never think of that,’ replies George, while Gilbert nods his assent.
    • Harry shot a glance at me quickly, before nodding his assent and followed the uniformed officer out of the room.
    • Napoleon nodded his understanding, gave me a brief pat, then turned his attention to the stunning woman behind me.
    • He glared down at Alex, who was nodding a greeting at the teacher and slipping his cell phone into his pocket.
    • Ally nodded her understanding; she knew exactly what it was like to have an agent who didn't listen.
    • Shields nods his agreement, but it is qualified.
    • The others knew what he was going to say, and nodded their understanding.
    • Stifling another giggle, she only nods her agreement, unable to voice her assent.
    • You'll always find a chorus of people to nod agreement to your stupid charge.
    • Not to anyone's amazement, a woman was found in the audience who began nodding vigorous assent to everything Charles said.
    • When I ask her about this, McTeer nods her assent.
    • With tingling anticipation the audience nodded its agreement that the card the girl had drawn on had indeed been decimated.
    • ‘It's a good time to be a scrum-half,’ Lawson insists and his rival nods his agreement.
    • Rico continued to give various tips and instructions, Chris nodding his understanding throughout the lecture.
    • He laughed at his own description, nodding assent, and laughing also.
    • He became quizzical yet some of them nodded their assent or what he took to be assent.
    • They only nodded their agreement, although deep in their hearts they rejected his idea.
    • Cara nodded her understanding, her eyes still on the still body of Cedric.
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    (ball) cabecear
    • The Manchester United midfielder, with his back to the goal, turned brilliantly to float the ball in for Emile Heskey, who was allowed to nod the ball down for Owen.
    • Delgado chases a long ball from Mendez and nearly gets behind Baszczynski, but the defender finds an extra inch in a desperate final leap to nod the ball back to Boruc.
    • As Kahn clutched air, Barmby nodded the ball down for Michael Owen to fire home into an empty net.
    • He swung in a cross which Walker failed to cut out and the Zimbabwe player nodded the ball into an empty net from two yards.
    • Johnson sent in a looping cross from the right and Ferdinand beat two defenders to win the header and nod the ball down for Defoe.
    • McNamara gets the closest yet to a goal for either side by nodding the ball wide of Hedman's reach.
    • He nodded the ball down only for the goalkeeper to stick out a hand and paw it away.
    • Shaugnessy grabbed his second seven minutes from time after Rhead had nodded the ball into his path.
    • County missed a glorious chance when defensive panic from a free-kick caused Gavin to nod the ball over the advancing Henderson.
    • Again Johnson was the provider with a fine centre, which was knocked back across goal and this time Wright wasn't to be denied, nodding the ball over the line.

intransitive verbnodded, nodding

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    (dip head)
    she smiled at me and I nodded to her me sonrió y la saludé con la cabeza
    • they nodded in assent asintieron con la cabeza
    • she nodded to me to sit down me indicó con la cabeza que me sentara
    • the poppies were nodding in the breeze las amapolas se mecían con la brisa
    • Ace nodded grimly in reply, still keeping his eyes ahead.
    • He looked around nodding slightly with a light smile.
    • She nodded in satisfaction and tossed a pretzel onto the middle of the table.
    • They nodded in unison; the contempt in James's eyes was not missed.
    • The question had been more of a statement, and Chet nodded slightly in acknowledgement.
    • She only nodded in acknowledgment, a sort of lonesome satisfaction flowing into her eyes.
    • My eyes stayed focused on the television screen, and I nodded in response.
    • I winked, and he nodded with a big grin as I walked away.
    • Quickly the car began to move, and Andrew nodded slightly in acknowledgement.
    • The girl nodded mutely, turned on her heel, and ran.
    • The boy nodded mutely, tears brimming in his eyes.
    • Glancing over his shoulder, Max nodded in acknowledgment then turned back to Katharine.
    • Both men nodded in unison, but I could sense their concern.
    • Unable to resist his charm and devastating smile, Blair nodded mutely in response.
    • I nodded to show I understood, and decided to unbutton the coat instead.
    • The larger man nodded in approval at Jack's action and then again at his companion.
    • Kara nodded not knowing what to say and pushed up against him seeking a tighter embrace.
    • She nodded curtly in response, then turned back to where she was seated, gazing at the ocean.
    • The little girl nodded solemnly, golden curls bouncing.
    • Emily nodded slowly in agreement while kicking a box to the corner.
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    dar cabezadas
    • It's quiet, the woman's out, the kid's asleep, and I am nodding over a notebook and tea, wearing fuzzy slippers.
    • Basic chores done, I gave up and went to sit in the kitchen, where I slumped in my chair, yawning and nodding.