Translation of nod in Spanish:


Pronunciation /nɑd//nɒd/


  • 1

    he greeted her with a nod la saludó con la cabeza
    • she gave a nod of agreement asintió con la cabeza
    • he gave a nod and we set off me hizo una señal con la cabeza y nos fuimos
    • a nod is as good as a wink (to a blind man / horse) a buen entendedor pocas palabras (bastan)
    • ‘Yes,’ she said with a slight nod and as she started backing slowly away.
    • Only after their new boss's back was turned did he look up and give Gina a quick acknowledging nod.
    • He turned down the challenge gracefully with a slight nod of approval.
    • Alexis returned the embrace and agreed with the slight nod of her head.
    • He just kept on playing, allowing himself only the merest nod of recognition.
    • He answered my father with a slight nod, his cold eyes never leaving my own.
    • Simon gave Jacob a slow yet reassuring nod.
    • She did not even have to give the slightest of nods in reply.
    • Marvin gave them a slight imperceptible nod and they grinned darkly.
    • ‘Anytime,’ I replied, and gave her a slight nod as she departed in the opposite direction.
    • He gave her a final nod with a smile, and exited the cabin.
    • Amanda commented to Jenkins and received a curt nod of acknowledgement.
    • Marissa gave a curt nod of her head before making her way to one of the two logs.
    • After getting nods of agreement from Brad and Natasha, she opened the book.
    • She gave the men a nod of thanks and quickly closed the door.
    • The queen went back to her dinner with a slight nod.
    • He just gave a quick and indifferent nod in her direction and walked past.
    • Evan's barely perceptible nod was his only answer.
    • Nelson gave a curt nod of his head, and Morton picked up the mike at the plot table.

transitive verb

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    he nodded his head (in agreement) asintió con la cabeza
    • he nodded his approval hizo un gesto de aprobación con la cabeza
    • When I ask her about this, McTeer nods her assent.
    • ‘We never think of that,’ replies George, while Gilbert nods his assent.
    • You'll always find a chorus of people to nod agreement to your stupid charge.
    • The others knew what he was going to say, and nodded their understanding.
    • They only nodded their agreement, although deep in their hearts they rejected his idea.
    • Cara nodded her understanding, her eyes still on the still body of Cedric.
    • Shields nods his agreement, but it is qualified.
    • Stifling another giggle, she only nods her agreement, unable to voice her assent.
    • The teen girl nodded her understanding, and disappeared down the hallway.
    • Today I nodded my greeting, but he avoided my gaze, and whizzed past with his son.
    • Rico continued to give various tips and instructions, Chris nodding his understanding throughout the lecture.
    • Not to anyone's amazement, a woman was found in the audience who began nodding vigorous assent to everything Charles said.
    • He laughed at his own description, nodding assent, and laughing also.
    • ‘It's a good time to be a scrum-half,’ Lawson insists and his rival nods his agreement.
    • Ally nodded her understanding; she knew exactly what it was like to have an agent who didn't listen.
    • He glared down at Alex, who was nodding a greeting at the teacher and slipping his cell phone into his pocket.
    • Harry shot a glance at me quickly, before nodding his assent and followed the uniformed officer out of the room.
    • With tingling anticipation the audience nodded its agreement that the card the girl had drawn on had indeed been decimated.
    • Napoleon nodded his understanding, gave me a brief pat, then turned his attention to the stunning woman behind me.
    • He became quizzical yet some of them nodded their assent or what he took to be assent.
  • 2

    (ball) cabecear
    • Johnson sent in a looping cross from the right and Ferdinand beat two defenders to win the header and nod the ball down for Defoe.
    • County missed a glorious chance when defensive panic from a free-kick caused Gavin to nod the ball over the advancing Henderson.
    • As Kahn clutched air, Barmby nodded the ball down for Michael Owen to fire home into an empty net.
    • McNamara gets the closest yet to a goal for either side by nodding the ball wide of Hedman's reach.
    • He swung in a cross which Walker failed to cut out and the Zimbabwe player nodded the ball into an empty net from two yards.
    • Shaugnessy grabbed his second seven minutes from time after Rhead had nodded the ball into his path.
    • Again Johnson was the provider with a fine centre, which was knocked back across goal and this time Wright wasn't to be denied, nodding the ball over the line.
    • Delgado chases a long ball from Mendez and nearly gets behind Baszczynski, but the defender finds an extra inch in a desperate final leap to nod the ball back to Boruc.
    • He nodded the ball down only for the goalkeeper to stick out a hand and paw it away.
    • The Manchester United midfielder, with his back to the goal, turned brilliantly to float the ball in for Emile Heskey, who was allowed to nod the ball down for Owen.

intransitive verb

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    (dip head)
    she smiled at me and I nodded to her me sonrió y la saludé con la cabeza
    • they nodded in assent asintieron con la cabeza
    • she nodded to me to sit down me indicó con la cabeza que me sentara
    • the poppies were nodding in the breeze las amapolas se mecían con la brisa
    • They nodded in unison; the contempt in James's eyes was not missed.
    • My eyes stayed focused on the television screen, and I nodded in response.
    • She nodded in satisfaction and tossed a pretzel onto the middle of the table.
    • Unable to resist his charm and devastating smile, Blair nodded mutely in response.
    • She nodded curtly in response, then turned back to where she was seated, gazing at the ocean.
    • Both men nodded in unison, but I could sense their concern.
    • I nodded to show I understood, and decided to unbutton the coat instead.
    • Kara nodded not knowing what to say and pushed up against him seeking a tighter embrace.
    • I winked, and he nodded with a big grin as I walked away.
    • The boy nodded mutely, tears brimming in his eyes.
    • The question had been more of a statement, and Chet nodded slightly in acknowledgement.
    • Quickly the car began to move, and Andrew nodded slightly in acknowledgement.
    • The larger man nodded in approval at Jack's action and then again at his companion.
    • Ace nodded grimly in reply, still keeping his eyes ahead.
    • Glancing over his shoulder, Max nodded in acknowledgment then turned back to Katharine.
    • He looked around nodding slightly with a light smile.
    • The little girl nodded solemnly, golden curls bouncing.
    • She only nodded in acknowledgment, a sort of lonesome satisfaction flowing into her eyes.
    • The girl nodded mutely, turned on her heel, and ran.
    • Emily nodded slowly in agreement while kicking a box to the corner.
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    dar cabezadas
    • It's quiet, the woman's out, the kid's asleep, and I am nodding over a notebook and tea, wearing fuzzy slippers.
    • Basic chores done, I gave up and went to sit in the kitchen, where I slumped in my chair, yawning and nodding.