Translation of noddle in Spanish:


mollera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnɒd(ə)l//ˈnɑdl/


dated, slang

  • 1

    mollera feminine informal
    cacumen masculine informal
    use your noddle usa la mollera / el cacumen informal
    • Years later Whitman dismissed Harlan gently: ‘He was only a fool: there was only a dim light in his noddle.’
    • What everyone can do against such a spying network: use your noddle and encrypt your emails.
    • Surely he won't be able to talk his way out of it because all the evidence needed to prosecute is on film, if the police use their noddle.
    • If you haven't got a spare battery and you need to use your notebook during that week, you'll have to use your noddle or go back to good old fashioned paper and pen.
    • And why doesn't it use its noddle and insist on fewer and simpler pricing mechanisms rather than behave like the gullible teenager all the time?