Translation of noise in Spanish:


ruido, n.

Pronunciation /nɔɪz//nɔɪz/


  • 1

    ruido masculine
    a dry/clanking noise un ruido seco/metálico
    • did you hear that noise? ¿oíste ese ruido?
    • to make a noise hacer ruido
    • don't make so much noise no hagas tanto ruido
    • it made a terrible noise hizo un ruido espantoso
    • turn that noise down! ¡baja esa radio (or ese televisor etc.)!
    • before noun noise level nivel sonoro / de ruido
    • Suddenly, I heard a huge crash, and then a whipping noise come from outside the window.
    • It was a Friday night, and I was sitting at my desk, writing in my diary, when I heard a loud noise issue from outside.
    • A loud noise that sounded like the heavy doors opening and then clanging closed again came from behind her.
    • Two seconds later, a loud noise sounded as the chicken bone clattered off of the stone wall and onto the floor.
    • There were shouts and barks, and shockingly loud noises like branches being snapped right inside his ears.
    • I heard a loud noise like the sound of a shot from a gun behind me.
    • A heavy and ominous quiet descended on the room, disturbed only by the noise from outside and by Carl who groaned in pain.
    • The sound was followed in rapid succession by three other loud noises, and the breaking of glass.
    • Science is showing that these booming sounds and other loud noises are harming and even killing marine life.
    • As they sat down to their meal, a loud noise was heard outside.
    • Suddenly there was a loud noise as the doors were pushed open.
    • She was cut short when we heard a loud noise outside.
    • A squeaking noise at the door made him look that way, swaying, and when he saw the woman shoving the wheelchair into the room he plopped back onto the edge of the bed.
    • Russolo scored compositions for noise machines he invented that made loud noises when you rotated a handle.
    • Before Raine could respond, a roaring noise came from outside.
    • The two of them walked towards the back and Gianni flung open the door to Vito's room as a loud noise came from outside.
    • I put my head out the window, looking for a way in when I heard a noise like a door squeaking.
    • I winced - in the silence of the night, the noise sounded alarmingly loud.
    • The family is constantly disturbed by loud noises from the basement.
    • Evacuating the offices, they heard loud bangs and crashing noises in the loft above their office and raised the alarm.
  • 2

    interferencia feminine
  • 3noises plural

    (remarks, comments)
    all I could do was to make sympathetic noises lo único que pude hacer fue mostrarme comprensivo
    • I don't know if she liked it, but she made all the right noises no sé si le gustó, pero fue muy cortés
    • she made all the right noises at her interview dijo todo lo que tenía que decir para causar buena impresión en la entrevista
    • Each was born proudly to the table and greeted by compliments and noises of admiration.
    • A group of people sitting on the banks of the Todd start shouting at him and making threatening noises.
    • This accompanied by noises of exertion, crossness or frustration, emotional or physical as appropriate.
    • Again the door opens and there are confused noises, before the ladies retreat back inside.
    • It traditionally makes critical noises but usually avoids using its veto power.
    • Though the animals could not understand his words, they heard the derision in his tone and responded with offended noises of their own.
    • Everyone began making shocked noises and pretended to choke on what they were eating.
    • He made the usual noises of protest and sat watching her as she busied herself with the pots.