Translation of noise pollution in Spanish:

noise pollution

contaminación acústica, n.


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    contaminación acústica feminine
    • The runway means more flights which means more noise pollution.
    • The woodlands and grasses will help to improve air quality, screen noise pollution and increase access to green spaces to encourage youngsters to stay active.
    • Another problem facing the community is noise pollution.
    • Members of the council's environmental protection unit hope to raise awareness of the impact noise pollution can have.
    • Those who say that cars are toxic to cities never cite the automobile's worst urban offense: noise pollution.
    • North Yorkshire County Council has produced a draft freight strategy to try to resolve problems such as air and noise pollution, caused by heavy goods vehicles.
    • There is noise pollution from the M60 and M66 motorways, and from the industrial units adjacent to our homes.
    • Residents living close to the site fear their lives could be blighted by noise pollution and antisocial behaviour created by a night club.
    • The residents claim it will substantially increase noise pollution in the south Fingal area and interfere with local schools.
    • The object is to highlight the growing problem of noise pollution.
    • In other words, there is little the law can do to control renovation work, one of the most persistent and annoying sources of noise pollution.
    • Petty crimes such as vandalism and noise pollution have been afforded low priority, even though every day they bring misery to the lives of thousands.
    • He blames the decline in beluga populations on various pressures on the environment, such as noise pollution from planes and boats.
    • Residents, however, say the bridge will increase traffic in the area and will result in air and noise pollution.
    • But those against the airport say it will create nothing but noise pollution, sleep disturbance and health issues.
    • They have come up with a means to combat this noise pollution.
    • Campaigners fighting against a housing development have staged a street protest after being told their concerns over noise pollution were unfounded.
    • This could considerably reduce both air and noise pollution.
    • Research has linked noise pollution with a range of health problems including sleep deprivation, high blood pressure and hearing loss.
    • There are no milling crowds here and noise pollution is almost absent when compared to levels in the city.