Translation of nomad in Spanish:


nómada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnəʊmad//ˈnoʊˌmæd/


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    nómada feminine
    nómade masculine Southern Cone
    • The nomads bring their animals here to the town of InGall in Niger to feed on grass which is rich in salt minerals, believing that the practice fortifies the animals.
    • Over the past two decades, the traditional balance between largely Arab nomads and mainly African farmers has broken down.
    • It is an ongoing dispute between Arab nomads and African farmers which has recently been politicised.
    • Political tensions exist between sedentary peoples and nomads.
    • The interaction between the Eurasian pastoral nomads and the surrounding sedentary societies is a major theme in world history.
    • Local nomads reported the animals were sensitive to human presence and could be aggressive.
    • Since the Kazaks were nomads, during the 1800s it was possible for large numbers of Slavic settlers to move into and seize the land inhabited by the Kazaks.
    • These events have transformed the usually stable Karens into terrified nomads and have turned many into stubborn rebel fighters.
    • For centuries, there has been conflict between settled Black African farmers and Arab nomads.
    • The Germanic tribes were not nomads, they were farmers.
    • Darfur, on the border with Chad and Central Africa, is home to some 80 tribes and ethnic groups divided between nomads of Arab origin and farmers of African origin.
    • As I travelled with the nomads and researched about them I found that nomadism was more than just being on the move.
    • The Touareg people are nomads who traveled through the desert.
    • Devaji's family, like other Marwari nomads, has travelled all over the country before reaching the city five years ago.
    • Among nomads, women make tents and have more freedom of movement.
    • These people are the original nomads of North Africa, who were converted to Islam by invading Arab armies eons ago.
    • Actually, however, its roots go back deeper to an ethnic dispute and power struggle between African farmers and Arab nomads over water and land rights.
    • Baluchi nomads live in tents made of palm matting stretched on poles.
    • Although they were originally nomads, most Uzbeks have been settled for more than three hundred years.
    • There are about two million nomads in Afghanistan.