Translation of non-Christian in Spanish:


no cristiano, adj.

Pronunciation /nɒnˈkrɪstʃ(ə)n/


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    no cristiano
    • What's the basic belief that would separate a Christian denomination from a non-Christian religion?
    • Although the term pagan is used to describe any number of non-Christian belief systems, the actual term means something very different.
    • He told her to remove the ivy because it represented non-Christian beliefs, so she did.
    • Nevertheless, From East to West can serve as a useful introduction to Christian and non-Christian monasticism, and especially to the confluences between the two.
    • The survey also found that women are more likely than men to hold both Christian and non-Christian beliefs.


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    no cristiano masculine
    no cristiana feminine
    • I believe that Christians should avoid judging non-Christians.
    • Bringing this message to non-Christians is a Christian thing to do.
    • But he worries about dialogue between Christians and non-Christians.
    • Remember that the term ‘pagan’ was used by Christians to describe non-Christians, at a time when urbanites were rapidly converting to Christianity.
    • He found positive role models - writers, social activists, Christians and non-Christians.