Translation of nonaddictive in Spanish:


que no crea dependencia, adj.

Pronunciation /nɒnəˈdɪktɪv//ˌnɑnəˈdɪktɪv/


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    que no crea dependencia
    • For example, he wants non-harmful, non-addictive recreational drugs.
    • What they also fail to tell you is that there are plenty of non-addictive drugs that stimulate dopamine in the brain.
    • With breakthroughs in biochips and brain imaging on the horizon, it might just be time to invest heavily in better, safer, non-addictive alternatives to today's recreational drugs.
    • Our attitude to the use of such ‘soft’, non-addictive drugs is changing.
    • We were brought the stuff and told it was completely recreational and non-addictive.
    • It had no nasty side effects, it was completely non-addictive, it was cheap, non-toxic and kept well in the fridge.
    • The phantasmal poison frog from Ecuador and Peru, for example, secretes a painkiller called epibatidine that is 200 times more powerful than morphine - and non-addictive.
    • Should we actually give syringes and needles, or light, non-addictive drugs to intravenous drug users?
    • If you're having trouble sleeping try a natural non-addictive remedy from a health food shop.
    • However, doctors insist that 70% of patients respond very well to treatments with a non-addictive single drug.
    • The non-addictive part of cannabis has been used in Chinese medicine for many years.
    • Certain non-addictive medications may also be helpful in switching phobic alarms off.
    • Morgan also claims that researchers are rarely open about other obscure observations, such as the fact that there are many other non-addictive drugs that stimulate dopamine in the brain.
    • The drug is legal, non-addictive and does not produce a high, making if safe to use.
    • And clearly this individual's occasional use of non-addictive prescription drugs does not place him/her at risk of prescription drug abuse.
    • This herbal remedy is a plant that grows wild in the mountains and is safe and non-addictive, with no side effects.
    • Homoeopathic medicines are safe, non-toxic, non-addictive and easy to take.
    • Research indicates that the alkaloids found in poison arrow frogs may have medical applications for humans as non-addictive painkillers and cardiac stimulants for heart attack victims.
    • Until recently, it's been a drug that is relatively safe, popular among teenagers, and distributed mainly by nonviolent amateur dealers who sell the pure, non-addictive version of the drug.
    • We needed a legitimate industry producing non-addictive social tonics to replace the demand for illegal drugs.