Translation of nonbiological in Spanish:


no biológico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɑnbaɪəˈlɑdʒɪkəl//nɒnbʌɪəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/


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    no biológico
    • The vulnerability of biodiversity components due to both biological and non-biological features must be taken into account.
    • Natalie and David Dexter are non-biological siblings living in a southern English town, adopted at different ages by Lynne and Ralph during the 1960s.
    • The combination of the software of biological human intelligence with the benefits of non-biological intelligence will be very formidable.
    • In an interview, Michael Mumma said that much of the methane in Earth's atmosphere is the result of biological processes, although some can be traced to non-biological activities, such as geochemistry.
    • The tendency to conceptualise medical problems in biological terms is powerful, and medical practitioners are often reluctant to explore the non-biological aspects of a patient's case.
    • A notorious example was the alleged life in the Martian meteorite, now almost universally discredited as being of non-biological origin.
    • Other scientists claimed, however, that the ‘fossils’ were formed by non-biological processes.
    • Perhaps it is possible that a sufficiently complex, intricately connected non-biological entity or system could become conscious and self-aware.
    • If they truly believe there is nothing unnatural about such behavior they will have to argue their case based on non-biological factors.
    • But combining biological and non-biological materials in one device has stymied researchers in the past.
    • The criteria for scoring have been standardized in order to minimize non-biological variation and to allow comparison between laboratories.
    • Are there non-biological ways to alter the biochemistry of the brain?
    • The experiments show that a non-biological source of hydrocarbons may lie in Earth's mantle and was created from reactions between water and rock - not just from the decomposition of living organisms.
    • Most importantly, we'll be able to enhance our biological intelligence with non-biological intelligence through intimate connections.
    • Experimental work in non-biological systems has demonstrated that vortex trails shed by upstream bodies can intercept and affect the strength of developing vortices generated by bodies downstream.
    • Similarly, non-biological entities such as expert systems, computer viruses or artificial intelligence could conceivably by considered to be ‘alive’.
    • Phase changes are fundamental to many biological and non-biological processes on the Earth and in the universe in general.
    • Basically, from what I'm gathering from this article, its about how complex biological (and even non-biological systems) spontaneously act in unison.
    • How does non-biological evolution differ from biological evolution?
    • What it will say is that it has developed a way of replicating viral antibodies using non-biological means, specifically ‘computer and microelectronics technology’.
    • If we do, the amino acids could be non-biological.