Translation of noncooperation in Spanish:


no cooperación, n.

Pronunciation /nɒnkəʊɒpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//ˌnɑnkoʊˌɑpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    no cooperación feminine
    • The defendants' behaviour, in fact, constitutes the most extreme form of non-cooperation, as it amounts to a total failure of cooperation.
    • The protest followed three days of lunchtime demonstrations by power workers and a three-day campaign of non-cooperation with management.
    • The methods are not pretty: violence and imprisonment are the penalties for non-cooperation; destitution is the reward for compliance.
    • To counter non-cooperation from such ministers, the children pasted posters on their houses and, on occasion, refused to disperse until they were allowed to search the premises.
    • Once charges are brought, the ‘victim’ cannot decline to prosecute - although non-cooperation may terminate a case as a practical matter.
    • As for the helpless feeling of being ineffective by being non-violent: it must be kept in mind that non-violence in the form of non-cooperation is far from ‘doing nothing.’
    • A general meeting voted for non-cooperation with the job evaluation process and to reconvene in four weeks to vote on industrial action if no progress was made.
    • He disagreed with Mohandas Gandhi over the policy of non-cooperation and later over the proposal that Hindu and Muslim communities hold separate elections in any future state.
    • Dissent from the policies of the governing or dominant group may take the form of protest, persuasion, non-cooperation, or intervention.
    • Most of the discussion is likely to centre on non-cooperation with the department on a number of new schemes.
    • They say illegal ‘pirate’ fishing and non-cooperation from key countries pose the main threat to the bird's survival.
    • In other words, we would need to be able to demonstrate hard evidence of non-compliance and non-cooperation.
    • After all, even the most competent and willing employee in any job would find it hard to carry out his or her duties in the face of persistent harassment, non-cooperation and nasty verbal abuse.
    • Your non-cooperation was the only form in which you could identify with the outside movement.
    • It was by and large non-violent and essentially involved non-cooperation or boycott.
    • Certainly there have been powerful nonviolent movements in which strikes, work stoppages, non-cooperation, and massive civil disobedience have been effective without any religious or moral reference.
    • Proposals supporting non-cooperation are flawed as models.
    • He thought a case for revival of the old UN resolution could be made without a further resolution but only if hard evidence of non-compliance and non-cooperation could be demonstrated.
    • From that moment on I conceived of our movement as an act of massive non-cooperation.
    • He said: ‘It is likely that landowners will continue their non-cooperation with local authorities and the NRA until there is agreement at national level.’