Translation of nondescript in Spanish:


anodino, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɑndəˈskrɪpt//ˈnɒndɪskrɪpt/


  • 1

    (appearance/person) anodino
    (appearance/person) (dull) insulso
    (appearance/person) (dull) soso informal
    (building) sin ninguna característica distintiva
    (building) sin nada de particular
    (taste) indefinido
    • The result is charmingly eclectic, and quite unique for Bulgaria, where nondescript design still prevails.
    • Instead, she headed for the small, nondescript building about twenty yards away.
    • The building is a refreshing place of hope amid the uninspiring concrete and nondescript buildings found in the city.
    • It lies in a modest, nondescript building in a leafy neighborhood of Vancouver.
    • Huesca was as nondescript a provincial town as our friends had said it would be.
    • The small, nondescript moth is seldom noticed as it flies in the evening.
    • Basically, he's a nice sort of nondescript guy, who spends a weekend hanging out with odd groups.
    • The cashier, a middle-aged woman with nondescript features, cleared her throat and pointed to the right.
    • After the standard rambling walk following his contact he found himself at another nondescript West End hotel.
    • Standing nearby is a plain, nondescript man in a chauffeur's uniform.
    • Arriving to an enthusiastic welcome in the nondescript village, he shed his characteristic reserve.
    • They posed in hallways, foyers, in front of doors, in generally nondescript spaces.
    • He had a shock of the brightest red hair I had ever seen on a human being, with rather nondescript gray eyes.
    • Now 19 men waited in nondescript hotel rooms to board four flights the next morning.
    • I had never really looked at the ceiling above my bathtub before, and I found it quite nondescript, quite boring.
    • To them, he is just another nondescript resident who strives hard for a square meal a day.
    • It's just that the place is suburban and somewhat nondescript, although it does have a nice river running through it.
    • Aykan's house was one in a street of nondescript redbricks, and I was staring at it for several seconds before I saw that anything was wrong.
    • Most species of freshwater mussels are nondescript and difficult to distinguish from one another.
    • Fox ambled away and, returning ten minutes later, found the two merchants loading nondescript crates onto their shuttle.