Translation of nongovernmental in Spanish:


no gubernamental, adj.

Pronunciation /nɒnɡʌv(ə)nˈmɛnt(ə)l//ˌnɑnɡəvər(n)ˈmɛn(t)l/


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    no gubernamental
    • He's joined by his wife Jennifer who is the director of CARE, another non-governmental organization.
    • In each case, it was non-governmental organizations that were the driving forces behind these profound changes.
    • The committee comprises representatives of government and non-governmental organizations.
    • Though routinely referred to as a non-governmental organization, the US Congress funds it.
    • Moreover, there is a large role for non-governmental organizations in both approaches.
    • The main organizers of this march were the labor movement and many other non-governmental organizations.
    • As an independent non-governmental organization, the fund does not get financial support from the government.
    • They were also subject to rather stricter rules about the security of their staff than were non-governmental organizations.
    • Here is an article about non-governmental organizations and how businesses should respond to them.
    • Meanwhile, many non-governmental organizations are also promoting sustainable development.
    • All sorts of establishments in the Governmental and non-governmental sectors have been categorized and listed.
    • Governmental and non-governmental agencies can provide support and information to active groups rooted in village and community.
    • It must instead rely on complaints from citizens, firms, and non-governmental organizations.
    • A likely source of balance is from the non-governmental organizations, such as Oxfam.
    • The management of each reserve was handed over to a local non-governmental organization.
    • Few non-governmental organizations represented anything but parochial interests.
    • The organization has support from unions, religious groups and non-governmental organizations.
    • He founded the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, a non-governmental organization, in Tirana.
    • Meanwhile, many non-governmental organizations are taking a more active approach.
    • More than half the subscribers are employees of foreign non-governmental organizations.