Translation of nonorganic in Spanish:


inorgánico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɑnɔrˈɡænɪk//nɒnɔːˈɡanɪk/


  • 1

    (not from living matter)
    • During a trial recently, the bale-press processing machine could only process nonorganic waste, she said.
    • All waste, from organic to nonorganic, goes into one channel, such as a gutter.
    • Kubrick and Shahni's visual surfaces are highly decorative; they integrate the human with the non-organic surfaces of everyday objects and spaces and in Shahani's case, with nature as well.
    • Some aspects of lawn care require the usage of both organic and non-organic products.
    • I'm sure the response will be that even bacteria are highly complex organisms, and relative to non-organic entities, that may be true.
    • Although in practice this may be true, consumption of non-organic materials is probably a by-product of their foraging.
  • 2

    (not involving organic methods)
    no biológico
    no orgánico
    • ‘Organic products are very different from non-organic products, so differentiating between the two is easy for us,’ she says.
    • Livestock fed with non-organic feed would ultimately be able to carry the organic label.
    • People with allergies to chemical ingredients in some non-organic products benefit from the organic labels.
    • Eliminate all instant coffee and non-organic tea.
    • I know they have to do this so it doesn't get mixed up with the non-organic produce, but it is still irritating.
    • Unfortunately, in many cases quality was not part of the equation, and customers preferred the much better-tasting non-organic varieties.
    • Farmers in both the organic and non-organic sectors are making real progress in tackling the environmental issues we all face.
    • Lindane is found in most non-organic chocolate.
    • At Organic Jungle, Patel's chicken and turkey wraps are priced at about $7.50, while other restaurants sell similar, non-organic lunches for a couple dollars cheaper.
    • They are less likely to be tainted with the chemical residues that lace non-organic, intensively reared meat.
    • Certified growers need help in tracking down organic seed sources of the varieties they want to grow, and in documenting due diligence in attempting to do so before planting non-organic seed.
    • It saves us a lot of time not having to worry about organic and non-organic product getting mixed up.
    • While non-organic wheat brings in $2.25 to $2.50 a bushel, organic fetches between $6.50 and $7 a bushel.
    • In 1998, Consumer Reports published the results of a study that tested 1,000 pounds of organic and non-organic produce.
    • Look out for the authorised non-organic ingredients listed on the label.
    • In fact sales of organic baby food have risen by nearly six per cent, compared with a slight decline in non-organic baby food.
    • The fish are stocked at one-third of the density of non-organic fish.
    • In addition to his organic crops, Klinge raises non-organic feeder cattle in a small feedlot for Laura's Lean Beef, a natural beef company based in Kentucky.
    • They don't, for instance, use antibiotics, a common practice in non-organic dairy farms.
    • What's your system for keeping organic and non-organic produce from getting mixed up?