Translation of nonpareil in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˌnɑnpəˈrɛl//ˌnɒnpəˈreɪl/


  • 1literary, archaic

    (unsurpassed person, thing)
    • Cisco, the nonpareil of networking equipment makers and at one time the sine qua non of tech stocks is feeling the pinch.
    • For some reason, he failed to mention the nonpareil: Nelson Algren.
    • The current nonpareil of the genre is the mammoth bestseller He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.
    • Of course you would say that Tara, you're a nonpareil in school!
    • Having just won the US Open, Tom Watson was the nonpareil of golf when he came to Scotland to a course that was staging its first Open as a Royal club.

    persona o cosa sin parangón

  • 2nonpareils pl

    (feminine plural) grageas de colores
    • Now shipping, Concession Obsession replicates filmgoers' favorite munchies: indulgent vanilla bean ice cream studded with nonpareils, chocolate-laden peanuts, crispy candy bars and caramel swirls.


literary, archaic

  • 1

    sin par
    sin parangón literary