Translation of nonpayment in Spanish:


impago, n.

Pronunciation ///nɑnˈpeɪmənt/


  • 1

    impago masculine
    • He hoped Jack wouldn't be smart enough to claim non-payment in court.
    • I can see my biggest business risk is bad debts or non-payment by customers.
    • The issue of non-payment was not that there was a lack of money, but could be that invoices had not been sent to the department, he said.
    • They are protesting non-payment of salaries for the months of December, January, February and March.
    • In the event of non-payment, the bank will have recourse against the supplier, its customer.
    • The other day an acquaintance of mine mentioned in passing that he was due in court on Thursday for non-payment of council tax.
    • They had put my son in care up there for non-payment of fines.
    • It makes great sense for the provider as they are covered in the event of non-payment.
    • Pensioners from all trade unions daily throng the streets protesting against non-payment of entitlements.
    • The reason behind non-payment of salaries was that the Finance Department was yet to sanction these posts.
    • When a bill is dishonoured by non-acceptance or by non-payment, the holder has to take certain prescribed steps.
    • The tenant workers proclaimed that there was a right to housing and that tenants could not be evicted for non-payment of rent.
    • Plus, of course, they wanted a penalty for non-payment since I'd closed the bank account that paid off the balance each month.
    • They embraced nuclear weapons, denounced non-payment of the poll tax, and voted for the expulsion of socialists from the party.
    • A couple of years ago an acquaintance of mine ended up in court for non-payment of Council Tax.
    • At Christmas Mr Wilson was warned by the finance company he could be taken to court for non-payment.
    • The policy will terminate automatically 15 days after non-payment of the premium.
    • At present, non-payment of a fine leads to courts serving warrants on defaulters.
    • He summarised that there appeared to be a number of reasons for non-payment, both by individuals and institutions.
    • The 6,500 employees at HM have endured irregular or non-payment of salaries for more than a year.