Translation of nonplussed in Spanish:


desconcertado, adj.


Pronunciation /nɒnˈplʌst//nɑnˈpləst/


  • 1

    • Win Butler and Regine Chassagne look nonplussed.
    • Since I am not a runner, I confess I am nonplussed.
    • William looks completely nonplussed at this announcement.
    • Hugh says their daughters, the youngest of whom was at university, ‘were initially nonplussed, but secretly rather proud of us.’
    • I was somewhat nonplussed and ended up saying ‘I'm rather surprised they even felt the need to ask.’
    • Australian Davis Cup captain John Fitzgerald is a seasoned Davis Cup campaigner, first as a player and now as a captain, so he knows to always expect the unexpected in this competition, even if the crowd looked nonplussed.
    • The Chief continues to act confused, nonplussed and bewildered but after giving the matter some serious thought, he suddenly remembers the details of a conversation he once had with the Apache.
    • I was a bit nonplussed at this question as we were in Central London, England, so why she was expressing surprise at an English accent, we never quite established.
    • When I asked to look at a room he looked decidedly nonplussed as if, once learning the price, no one had ever bothered to look any further.
    • I'm totally nonplussed as to what the note means.
    • When, the night of his gig, the emcee announced ‘Here's Rodney Dangerfield,’ a somewhat nonplussed audience looked at him with confusion.
    • Publishers of The Lone Ranger comic were nonplussed when, enquiring about the banning of the squeaky clean defender of justice, it was explained that it was illegal to wear a mask in New Zealand.
    • When one slightly cocky young saxophonist announced the title of the song he intended to play, he was nonplussed when Arriale asked him if he knew the lyrics.
    • I was totally nonplussed; what was she talking about?
    • The farther she read into the will, the more nonplussed she became.
    • Obviously, when Metalclad decided to re-open and expand the facilities in 1995, the citizens of Guadalcazar were altogether nonplussed.
    • The girl was completely nonplussed at his odd behavior.
    • The present Lord MacDonald and Chief of Clan Donald - known as Godfrey - is totally nonplussed by the sale of the barony and has no plans to bid for the title.
    • I was starting to realize how nonplussed the sight of Rob had made her.
    • Clearing her throat just a bit, she looked rather nonplussed at the whole conversation.