Translation of nonpoisonous in Spanish:


no venenoso, adj.

Pronunciation /nɒnˈpɔɪz(ə)nəs/


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    (plant/snake) no venenoso
    (substance) no tóxico
    (substance) no venenoso
    • He lived off of melted snow and non-poisonous plants.
    • The off-the-shelf vests use non-poisonous chemical crystals that react with water to form a gel that can be refrigerated and remain cold for up-to a few hours.
    • Wild mushrooms should not be eaten unless identified as non-poisonous by a mushroom expert.
    • The boa constrictor is a non-poisonous tropical snake belonging to a specialized group of reptiles - the first vertebrate class completely independent of water.
    • But still, I got some non-poisonous berries for the guys.
    • Next on the agenda was an interactive session with the children and it then became hands-on, the children getting a chance to handle a few reptiles including a python, a star tortoise, non-poisonous snakes, an iguana and a baby crocodile.
    • A Department of Health official points a white revolver-shaped device at the pan, to make sure the temperature is adequately hot and non-poisonous.
    • Apart from the development of royal poison antidotes, there was increasing demands for a wide range of non-poisonous plants from all parts of the known world.
    • But most of the domestic types are either non-poisonous, or carry so little venom they would cause little discomfort.
    • They were fed only mackerel and other non-poisonous food during the breeding.
    • Named Sid by the ranger, the reptile was identified as a non-poisonous Garter snake, a North American species with trademark white strip down the middle and red sides.