Translation of nonproductive in Spanish:


improductivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɑnprəˈdəktɪv//nɒnprəˈdʌktɪv/


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    • We see more and more non-productive, non-essential posts being created to give the illusion that local government is doing something.
    • Many non-productive activities were able to survive and hold or divert resources from more productive and sustainable activities.
    • Tribals hold a majority of the non-productive land in the hills, but two-thirds of the regional population lives on one-third of the land.
    • He's the most non-productive person I've ever seen.
    • Therefore, 10 percent could be used most effectively to alienate traditional fishing grounds, leaving vast areas of non-productive barrens.
    • I can see us having a million non-productive chickens in a few years time!
    • The Government will grab money from the production sector, drive it into the ground, and give the money away to the non-productive sector.
    • Mathis says the actual efficiency achieved as of the end of 2004 was about 57% - a reduction from 105 hours to 45 hours per week of non-productive work.
    • Importantly, unprecedented amounts of non-productive debt have been created of increasingly suspect quality, whose value is sustained only by additional non-productive Credit creation.
    • The lie consists of the implication that the election was a victory by the relatively non-productive elements of society.
    • There is too much political correctness and a massive transfer of wealth has taken place from the productive to the non-productive sectors of the economy.
    • This distribution of profits even includes profits earned in non-productive sectors.
    • If we take into account all the non-productive time that businesses have to comply with - the paperwork that goes with being in business - then the rate per hour is $15.37, which is not an attractive proposition.
    • Second, this is a particularly dangerous stage of the Credit cycle, as the preponderance of lending and speculating is reverberating through non-productive debt creation.
    • Smokers, especially young ones are also likely to commit more crime and be generally non-productive in every day society.
    • In clinical, economic terms, with children comes the arrival of non-productive yet highly consumptive members of the household.
    • It makes playfulness and creativity sound entirely frivolous and non-productive, and maintains a peculiar distinction between work and leisure.
    • General Insurance Corporation is all set to scrap its non-productive schemes, as part of its revamp exercise.
    • Sinking yields - in the face of an acute inflationary ‘blow off’ bias throughout mortgage finance - will only stimulate greater non-productive debt expansion.
    • And the Government has frittered away a huge fortune by recruiting a vast army of non-productive civil servants.