Translation of nonproprietary in Spanish:


de(l) dominio público, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɑnprəˈpraɪəˌtɛri///


  • 1

    (freely available)
    (software/hardware) de(l) dominio público
    • But it is a good MP3 player, and more importantly it's a non-proprietary, non-copyright enforcing, song-organising MP3 player.
    • This is its ‘generic’, i.e. non-proprietary, name.
    • The following disadvantages might provide reasons for using alternative or non-proprietary software for future projects.
    • Today, there still isn't a single non-proprietary desktop application suite to compete with Microsoft Office.
    • It is also based on non-proprietary standards and open source software.
    • Will Radio, Manila, or Frontier ever move to a non-proprietary scripting language?
    • It is a widely supported, non-proprietary standard, and there is plenty of software available.
  • 2

    (brand/product) no patentado