Translation of nonreader in Spanish:


analfabeto, n.

Pronunciation /nɒnˈriːdə//ˌnɑnˈridər/


  • 1

    (unable to read)
    analfabeto masculine
    analfabeta feminine
    • We need to reach out to non-readers - young people - to ensure we're reaching the broadest possible audience.
    • ‘The teachers report that a vast number of struggling and non-readers who graduate from primary schools are being promoted to the secondary level without the capability to read efficiently,’ the release stated.
    • He can also soothe the crying child with the ‘Mozart effect’, and inspire the non-reader to an awakening.
    • He funded books in a nation of illiterates and non-readers.
    • It is the first web site that I am aware of that is truly accessible for non-readers.
    • That history would then only be relegated to the books, off limits to non-readers.
    • Most importantly, when designing your interface, consider that non-readers will not always take the path you intended for them.
    • We must find ways to invite readers and even non-readers into our decision-making processes.
    • I often envy non-readers for all the wonderful books out there that they have never read.
    • Younger men are more likely to be non-readers than women.
    • ABE students vary from virtual non-readers to well-educated immigrants who wish to learn English.
    • ‘It casts an enormously long shadow,’ she says of the award that even non-readers recognise.
    • But Gray's treatment of these memorials is highly ironic, for he lets us see that in them the dead consign their fates in written form to non-readers.
    • Even the so-called non-readers can relate to these kinds of activities.
    • For the non-reader of Hangul, the Hangul script in each stanza represents a phonetic ideal that Romanization can reflect either better or worse but never really attain.
    • News leaders, therefore, must create a culture in which connections with readers - and non-readers, as well - are valued, sought, created and maintained.
  • 2

    (unwilling to read)
    no lector masculine
    no lectora feminine