Translation of nonresident in Spanish:


no residente, n.

Pronunciation /nɑnˈrɛzɪdənt//nɒnˈrɛsɪd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (of country)
    no residente masculine
    transeúnte masculine
  • 2

    (of hotel)
    the restaurant is open to nonresidents el restaurante está abierto al público en general
    • Eight big game species can be hunted by non-residents, but non-residents cannot hunt grizzly bears or goats.
    • While it is hoped that every family residing in the parish will make a special effort to attend, non-residents will also be most welcome.
    • For non-residents of Eccles, unfamiliar with the precinct and the one way system, this is a devil of a restaurant to find by car.
    • If councillors approve the measure, non-residents will be charged £2 a visit.
    • While LeSport is all-inclusive, Tao warmly welcomes and encourages non-residents.
    • The gardens are open to non-residents from 1pm to 5pm daily from Easter to October 1, except Sundays
    • The poor are considered non-residents, which gives the administration an excuse to evict them.
    • The dining room above, which specialises in fish dishes, seats 40 and is open to non-residents at weekends.
    • The hotel would comprise 101 bedrooms together with a range of facilities some of which will be open to non-residents.
    • And there was a strongly positive response from both residents and non-residents.
    • Among a number of other account holders exempted, deposit accounts held by non-residents were exempted from the tax.
    • Charging non-residents would also damage tourism in the city because many visitors expect attractions like the gallery to be free, she said.
    • Many non-residents don't even apply for residency, and many residents don't apply for citizenship.
    • Open for non-residents, the restaurant is one of Cornwall's finest - and by no means the most expensive.
    • These will be open to non-residents - who will also be able to take a shortcut across one side of the square during daylight hours.
    • From January, Milan plans to impose a ‘pollution charge’ on vehicles driven by non-residents.
    • At the front of the hotel will be a restaurant open to non-residents.
    • The scheme is not open to non-residents who work in the streets affected.
    • Spain could either reduce the rate for non-residents, or increase the rate for residents.
    • South African residents get discounted rates, but non-residents will pay around R1700 per night all inclusive.