Translation of nonsense in Spanish:


tonterías, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈnɑnsəns//ˈnɒns(ə)ns//ˈnɑnˌsɛns/


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    (feminine plural) tonterías
    (feminine plural) estupideces
    to talk nonsense decir tonterías / estupideces / disparates
    • she's been filling your head with nonsense te ha estado llenando la cabeza de tonterías / estupideces
    • that's absolute nonsense eso es una tontería / una estupidez
    • it's nonsense to claim it was an accident es absurdo / ridículo afirmar que fue un accidente
    • what's all this nonsense about you not coming to the party? ¿qué tonterías son esas de que no vienes a la fiesta?
    • to make (a) nonsense of sth hacer que algo resulte absurdo
    • as interjection nonsense! ¡tonterías! / ¡qué ridículo!
    • before noun nonsense verse rimas disparatadas
    • I try to write, and manage 60 words of unsatisfactory nonsense before I give up.
    • But what possesses them to write such nonsense with a straight face is beyond me.
    • My wife thinks he's some kind of demi-god and I'm just the bloke in the study writing nonsense, you know.
    • Like I said earlier, it's absolute nonsense but nonsense which has been crafted with care and boundless enthusiasm.
    • But I did produce much nonsense and some actual words on stacks of punch cards.
    • People get very frustrated because they're trying to make sense out of nonsense.
    • I'll keep writing nonsense on their lined pages.
    • It made sense at that moment, you know, to roar incoherent nonsense while standing on stage with one of my musical icons.
    • In 1951 if I had said I was going to the deli to pick up a sixpack of coke, people would have thought I was speaking nonsense; the words were foreign.
    • Then he comes into this House, along with his colleagues, and talks a lot of drivel and absolute nonsense.
    • I re-read the essay tonight, and it still reads like nonsense (not a word I use lightly) to me.
    • The interesting thing is that he wrote this nonsense in October 2001-months before New Jersey officials appointed him their Poet Laureate.
    • And perhaps the one or two readers who told me I was writing nonsense will remember as well?
    • They are absolute nonsense and make no sense, at all.
    • Are there any other volunteers to write nonsense out there?
    • I think I am blabbering nonsense and I should stop.
    • So, I may be an idiot, or just plain stupid, but I'm going to go ahead and admit that all of this gas price nonsense makes absolutely no sense to me.
    • Yes, it's a splendid piece of nonsense she writes.
    • His biography is eminently sensible on a subject about which much high-flown transcendental nonsense has been written.
    • It is long past time to stop the partisan nonsense.
    • Finally, it is time to stop this fantastic nonsense and get down to real hard work.
    • Referee Peter McCarthy refused to stand for any nonsense and brandished a succession of cards.
    • Our bill would have stopped that nonsense as well.
    • Let us hope that the good people of Virginia put a stop to this nonsense.
    • I believed that his romanticisms were foolish nonsense and were to be looked down upon.
    • I appeal to all concern to stop this silly nonsense before someone is seriously hurt.
    • ‘Guys can you stop all this nonsense for just few minutes,’ Kaoru said and stood in-between them.
    • This patient won't stand for any nonsense - but she does require instant gratification
    • Ok, so American justice isn't always perfect, but this nonsense sure doesn't help.
    • We appeal to those offenders to please stop this silly nonsense, as this is not a nice thing to do.
    • Two outbreaks of such arrogant nonsense occurred recently.
    • Now when Greta occasionally forgets her manners, the owner can stop this nonsense by standing in her kitchen doorway with the can in her hands so that Greta can see it.
    • To have those rights overridden by such ridiculous nonsense and sheer arrogance is unacceptable.
    • Frankly, I am not going to stand any of your nonsense; and when you drop it I shall not expect you to stand any of mine.
    • Stop this nonsense at once, or you'll go to bed with no supper.
    • But, if the people of Washington, D.C., will stand up as citizens and exert their druthers, this nonsense would stop.
    • Once again we appeal to these unsavoury people to please stop this silly nonsense.
    • My vote of no confidence is also aimed at each and every councillor who is not man enough to stand up and stop this nonsense.
    • The players under Shutt know he will stand no nonsense.
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    (bad behavior)
    (feminine plural) tonterías
    he won't stand / take any nonsense from anyone no aguanta las tonterías de nadie