Translation of nonspecific urethritis in Spanish:

nonspecific urethritis

uretritis no específica, n.



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    uretritis no específica feminine
    • According to the HPSC, the most common STIs reported last year were anogenital warts, genital chlamydia infection and non-specific urethritis (infection of the bladder).
    • Among the most common infections are genital warts, chlamydia, candidiasis and non-specific urethritis.
    • In the developing world, the commonest diseases are gonorrhoea, syphilis, chancroid, and HIV infection, whereas in developed countries they are chlamydial infections, non-specific urethritis, genital warts, and herpes.
    • Reiter's syndrome is most common in young men who have just recovered from non-specific urethritis.
    • There isn't one specific cause of the STI non-specific urethritis, and it affects only men.