Translation of nonstarter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌnɑnˈstɑrdər//nɒnˈstɑːtə/


  • 1informal

    (sth, sb sure to fail)
    her proposal is a complete nonstarter su propuesta no tiene la más mínima chance Latin America
    • it's likely to be a nonstarter at the box office es probable que sea un fracaso de taquilla
    • But any effective effort at doing this is likely to be a non-starter with one of the most powerful Democratic interest groups.
    • Some of the proposals in Future are guaranteed to be political non-starters.
    • That makes many of your 10 key issues non-starters.
    • If we had been from here we would have realised a lot sooner the restaurant was a non-starter.
    • The specific mention of ‘creation’ and ‘religious theories’ makes that one a complete non-starter legally.
    • I regard the application under Order 12 rule 8 effectively as a non-starter.
    • The ‘secret location’ plan is clearly a non-starter and should be ditched immediately.
    • For the hospital to be looking to the council to create extra parking now is just a non-starter.
    • Had either of these companies withheld that support, Apple's plan could easily have become a non-starter.
    • However, in effect this remained a non-starter.
    • And there are plenty of military types willing to concede that the ‘plan’ may be a non-starter.
    • He said trying to get Americans interested in deals outside the US was a non-starter at the moment.
    • This was essentially a non-starter because it relied on European cooperation and American financial support which was never likely to be forthcoming.
    • Firstly, and most importantly, without the full backing of England, the tournament would be a non-starter.
    • ‘What we are saying is that this is a non-starter,’ he said at a news conference at the NAR's Victoria Square, Port-of-Spain headquarters.
    • We will have to pursue that a bit more but, if it's a non-starter, we will go somewhere else.
    • Both ideas are non-starters and I would hope that the executive will put the report where it belongs - in the wastepaper basket.
    • However the 23-year-old is not in Beckham's class and so for now the player exchange looks to be a non-starter.
    • I don't think any of the ideas are non-starters.
    • Until the recent House action, however, every plan to address the shortfall had been a non-starter on Capitol Hill.
  • 2

    caballo que no participa en la carrera en la que estaba inscrito
    • McRae's younger brother, Alister, was a non-starter in the rally as he is still recovering from his own mountain-bike accident, which forced him out of San Remo and caused him to withdraw from the New Zealand event as well.
    • The plane was actually built in 1932 and appeared at the Cleveland races that year but was a non-starter.