Translation of nonviolence in Spanish:


no violencia, n.

Pronunciation /nɑnˈvaɪələns///


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    no violencia feminine
    • Simplicity was a major criterion in the community and my life revolved round the message of social justice and non-violence.
    • During visits to India he studied Gandhi's principles of non-violence.
    • But is it possible to draw a clear line where peace and non-violence may be given up in favour of violence, even war?
    • His participation in conferences is to spread the message of peace and non-violence.
    • Yet this was a just war, where the principle of non-violence did not for once apply.
    • Not only is non-violence a powerful political tool, but it is, and becomes, a spiritually uplifting force.
    • Guns weren't exactly something she had wanted to hold as she was a girl who believed in peace and non-violence.
    • He has been struggling for peace and non-violence for years.
    • Pope John Paul will be remembered for his resolve to promote love, peace and non-violence.
    • He teaches peace and non-violence at six area universities and at a number of public secondary and high schools.
    • During the campaign white ribbons will be used to show support and personal commitment to non-violence, as well as boost awareness.
    • The choreography explores the concept of harmony and echoes the message of non-violence and peace.
    • Dialogue through Poetry aims to build a culture of peace and non-violence.
    • We want to work to make non-violence an organizing principle in our society, and the way to do that is education.
    • The common thread that connected them was their abiding belief that peace and non-violence were the only forces that could save humanity.
    • In intellectual terms his emphasis was upon the force of truth and non-violence in the struggle against evil.
    • United Nations International Day of Peace is a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.
    • As I said, we are open to anyone who wants to publicise any cause so long as their basic belief is non-violence and peace.
    • It predates both the peaceful non-violence of Martin Luther King and the radical militancy of the Panthers.
    • I hope you will consider the use and practice of non-violence in a more creative and positive way, rather than dismiss it as mere idealism.