Translation of noose in Spanish:


soga, n.

Pronunciation /nus//nuːs/


  • 1

    (for hanging) soga feminine
    (for hanging) dogal masculine
    (for trapping) lazo masculine
    the noose was already around his neck ya estaba con la soga al cuello
    • to put a noose around one's own neck, to put one's head in a noose firmar su sentencia de muerte
    • The dialogue alternatingly sparkles or darkens as various nooses, comic or otherwise, steadily tighten.
    • How many businesses will want to spend money making their own nooses?
    • They feel the noose being tightened and they know that we have the military means to crush them.
    • This is another small step to close the noose on cheaters.
    • The noose is tightening on him.
    • The tidal wave of public spending has delivered some better roads, but it has not eased the gridlock that grips the capital city and, increasingly, tightens a noose around towns and cities around the country.
    • It's a malevolent money noose that is tightening just as the festive season's bells and lights are beginning to chime and shine.
    • His lavish past has left its mark financially, and the creditors are now tightening the metaphorical noose.
    • In an interview yesterday, he agreed the noose was tightening.
    • But it appears from this case that the noose is tightening by stealth.
    • And have you noticed, if you're a male office worker you also get to wear your own personal noose around your neck.
    • With the noose tightening around humanity's neck, the good ship Switchblade Honey is dispatched behind enemy lines, with a simple remit: strike hard, strike fast, and keep moving.
    • We will be patient and continue to draw the noose tighter and tighter.
    • They were enjoying their best spell of the game on 62 minutes, tightening the noose around Ashton when United broke and a shot thundered into Joe McMahon's arm from point-blank range.
    • He can barely pay the recently increased rent from his pension money, but there seems no way out of this noose.
    • As he feels the noose tightening, Whitlock finds himself in a race against the clock to uncover the mysteries surrounding the deaths and maintain his innocence.
    • I will be leaving the noose of the Internet very shortly.
    • It's a classic tale: Small-town boy moves to the big city to throw off the noose of repression and take a walk on the wild side.
    • I don't think marriage has to be this noose around your neck.
    • They're drawing the noose around their own necks!