Translation of North Country in Spanish:

North Country


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    the North Country el Norte de Inglaterra
    • Baldric wondered at this, for it seemed to him that the oppressive will that seemed to clench the north country had been suddenly banished.
    • No one wanted the services of a maid, here in the north country, it seemed.
    • Perhaps this is what the north country was like after the epochal flood, when peace followed turbulence.
    • The setter's longhaired coat easily wards off the north country's brisk autumn climate and punishing brier tangles.
    • The Russians had invaded the part of Poland where the Nekritz family lived, and because Rabbi Nekritz had been born in Russia, he was judged suspicious and was sent to labor in the harsh north country.
    • Dad would sing along, his eyes closed for ‘Girl from the North Country’, as though he were remembering some girl - or at least a trip to the north country.
    • Here in the north country, the darkest days are so dismally short.
    • It is a specialized force consisting of experienced horsemen, all of whom are familiar with the north country.
    • He generously exerted himself for us, concealing the limitations on his strength, to show us the north country he loved and the sites that moved him.
    • At about that time, he began to grow restless for the north country.
    • I decided to dwell overnight in this capital of the north country at the camping site by the swimming pool and elementary school.
    • According to this anonymous author, the great beast was not extinct, but rather reigned as ‘the uncontrolled Monarch of the Wilderness’ somewhere in the unexplored north country.
    • On the side was an irregularly shaped, beautifully rendered midwestern landscape which evoked tears of nostalgia for the north country I had forsaken.
    • They included events in the state's more conservative and rural north country.
    • In the summer, following his release, he returned home by the same route, and his favorable account of the north country was an impetus to exploration and, eventually, settlement.