Translation of northward in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnɔːθwəd//ˈnɔrθwərd/


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    in a northward direction hacia el norte
    • His simulations show that large cyclonic eddies occasionally form in the northern portions of the Gulf and block the northward intrusion of the Loop Current.
    • Both Gordon and Kuchler mapped northward extensions of oak along river valleys into southern New York.
    • In the middle decades of the eighteenth century a group of Swiss Jesuits labored in the Southwest of the present United States to promote the northward expansion of New Spain.
    • The northward migration peaks from mid-April to early May, and the fall migration peaks in August.
    • Parts of Scotland provide a suitable habitat for this bird, but its range in that country seems to be slowly contracting in a northward direction.
    • The flashing light paced our aircraft in steady northward direction.
    • But the genetic changes could also be a reflection of more recent northward migrations following the last Ice Age, about 14,000 years ago, he says.
    • This slender land bridge is furrowed by two parallel mountain ranges and, between them, the cavernous Jordan Valley, itself a northward continuation of Africa's Great Rift.
    • Within the Mackenzie Basin, a northward decrease in runoff reflects the spatial trend in precipitation, which shows a decline towards the northern plains and the Shield areas.
    • Ridged fields apparently protect crops from mild frosts, and their construction may have facilitated the northward expansion of prehistoric agriculture.
    • For juveniles wintering farther south, feather wear is less of a consideration, because they oversummer and will have molted new primaries prior to their first northward migration in their second spring.
    • Current plans call for the ground-floor spaces to be leased to commercial tenants - possibly galleries, if the Chelsea art district in fact continues its northward push.
    • Additionally, all five species that were studied individually exhibited highly significant northward movement in the spring.
    • One route scholars have suggested began in the eastern Solomon Islands or in the islands to their southeast, and followed a northward course to the Caroline Islands.
    • A northward extension at the west end of this trench is also included here because it had pottery of the same date.
    • Allardyce's Brazilian target may be slipping away from him in a northward direction, however.
    • Due to the high density of the shoals, the sardine run offers an ideal opportunity for various cold-water predators that follow the sardines on their northward migration.
    • But nothing prepared them for life in this squatters' community of Tijuana, a city of three million souls that is known as the Wild West of Mexico's northward immigration.
    • Relative to the direction of the setting sun, the songbirds wanted to fly in a direction that was 90 degrees counterclockwise from the detected magnetic field in order to stay on a northward track.
    • Using satellite linked depth recorders we examined the spatial and temporal diving behavior of 22 male sea lions for up to 3 months during their northward migration.


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    (drive/travel/turn) hacia el norte
    northward of sth al norte de algo
    • Similarly, warm tropical air masses move freely northward in the summer.
    • The miners traveling northward need sled dogs to explore the snowy reaches of the Klondike, since it is too difficult to travel through these areas on foot, and a horse's hooves would push right through that deep snow.