Translation of northwesterly in Spanish:


del noroeste, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌnɔrθˈwɛstərli//nɔːθˈwɛst(ə)li/


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    (wind) del noroeste
    • Yesterday it was reported that Dennis was 400 km west of St Vincent moving in a west north-westerly direction, raging toward Jamaica and Cuba.
    • Approaching the Mersey Bar Lightship at a quarter-to-seven she was hit by a severe north-westerly gale.
    • The MoD has been using Cape Wrath as a live bombing range for nearly 70 years with the tacit agreement of the residents of nearby Durness, mainland Britain's most north-westerly village.
    • Exposed on the Atlantic coast like this, a north-westerly storm could bring some enormous waves straight in on the wreck site.
    • Today the forecast was for a cold north-westerly wind with the odd flurry of snow.
    • Carlisle was the most north-westerly town in the Roman Empire.
    • ESB spokesperson Pauline Madigan said the situation could have been much worse as the winds were south-westerly instead of the usually more damaging north-westerly winds.
    • They have come here in unprecedented numbers, which we believe has happened while they were travelling through strong north-westerly winds between Orkney and Iceland.
    • While playing into a cold north-westerly breeze, Bruff kept the deficit down to a manageable size until just before half time, when we conceded two quick goals.
    • Forecaster Gerard Bellam says north-westerly winds are on the way, which will give the country, especially eastern regions, a chance to warm up.
    • Wintry showers in the West and North will gradually become more isolated and the north-westerly winds will ease.
    • The capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin is on the north-westerly tip of Australia and was strategically situated for maintaining a supply route and a stop-off base for armed forces heading into the Pacific Theatre.
    • A north-westerly breeze and periods of good sunshine continued throughout the day which made things pleasant for everyone.
    • The weather was beautiful and sunny with a slight north-westerly breeze.
    • As the north-westerly wind whistled shrilly through the willows near my house, I concluded that this year would be special for kite-lovers.
    • Throughout the race, a hot north-westerly wind had been throwing waves of warmth at the competitors.
    • Late last year, on the streets and in the conference rooms of Seattle, the most north-westerly city of the USA, there was an unmistakable feeling in the air: the sensation of history being made.
    • The cold north-westerly wind blasting across the royal estate yesterday ensured neither of these marks would be threatened.
    • A particularly spectacular blackbird arrival was recorded during November 5, 1961 following a north-westerly gale the previous day.
    • I had sailed for about a mile in a north-westerly direction and the sea began to get very choppy.

nounPlural northwesterlies

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    viento del noroeste masculine