Translation of nose in Spanish:


nariz, n.

Pronunciation: /nəʊz//noʊz/


  • 1

    (of person) nariz feminine
    (of animal) hocico masculine
    (of animal) nariz feminine
    to blow one's nose sonarse la nariz
    • her nose was bleeding le sangraba la nariz
    • she always has her nose in a book siempre está enfrascada en un libro
    • as plain as the nose on your face más claro que el agua
    • not to look/see beyond the end of one's nose no ver más allá de sus (/ mis etc. ) narices
    • on the nose
    • my guess was right on the nose di en el clavo
    • we arrived at 2 o'clock on the nose llegamos a las 2 en punto / a las 2 clavadas
    • (right) under sb's nose
    • it was right under my nose all the time lo tenía delante de las narices
    • he stole it from under our very noses se lo robó en nuestras propias narices
    • to cut off one's nose to spite one's face tirar piedras al / contra el propio tejado
    • to follow one's nose (act intuitively) dejarse guiar por la intuición
    • to get a bloody nose
    • they thought it was a cinch, but they got a bloody nose creían que era pan comido, pero les dieron tremenda paliza
    • to get one's nose in front ponerse en la delantera
    • to get up sb's nose
    • that's the sort of thing that gets right up my nose ese es el tipo de cosa que me enferma / me revienta
    • to keep one's nose clean no meterse en líos
    • to keep one's nose out of sth no meter las narices en algo
    • just keep your nose out of my affairs no te metas en mis asuntos
    • to keep one's nose to the grindstone darle al callo
    • to lead sb by the nose manejar a algn a su (/ mi etc. ) antojo
    • to look down one's nose at sb mirar a algn por encima del hombro
    • he looked down his nose at the idea la idea le pareció tonta (/ ridícula etc. )
    • she looks down her nose at his work desprecia su trabajo
    • to pay through the nose pagar un ojo de la cara / un riñón
    • we/I paid through the nose for it nos/me costó un ojo de la cara / un riñón
    • to poke / stick one's nose in meter las narices en algo
    • she's always poking / sticking her nose in where she's not wanted siempre está metiendo las narices donde no la llaman
    • to put sb's nose out of joint hacer que algn se moleste / se ofenda
    • to rub sb's nose in sth restregarle / refregarle algo a algn por las narices
    • to thumb one's nose at sb/sth burlarse de algn/algo
    • to turn one's nose up at sth/sb despreciar algo/a algn
    • I don't turn my nose up at anything yo no le hago ascos a nada
    • to win by a nose ganar por un pelo / por los pelos
    • with one's nose in the air mirando a todos por encima del hombro
  • 2

    • 2.1(sense of smell)

      olfato masculine
      • Just like the human nose, it can sense early on if something is smoldering or starting to burn.
      • Her nose picked up the scent of blood, even before she saw the growing puddle in the dim light of the hold.
      • The combination of the two consistencies and flavours is as delightful to the palate as the aroma is to the nose.
      • It was a strong smell; she did not need to use any ability other than her nose to sense it.
      • Dog noses at best discern 20 or so explosive scents, but electronic detectors, at least in theory, can screen a far larger array.
      • More dumped mail has been discovered in Bradford - thanks to the keen nose of a springer spaniel.
      • Smart and easy to train, this breed has an excellent nose and wonderful staying power.
      • The presence of the jungle was sensed through the nose.
      • Aroma sensory stations offer guidance for untrained noses as guests sniff their way through a study of wine components.
      • My nose senses that this is a murky, damp place, but with some semblance of warmth and the faint scent of cold food.
      • The mouth is capable of making an overall assessment of a wine's texture, while the nose senses what we call its flavour.
      • With that Lana made to leave and Terra's nose caught the scent of her soft perfume; lavender, roses, and chamomile.
      • A strange musk disguised the Knights' scent from the keen nose of the werewolf.
      • His nose picked up no scent of a living body, only that of blood, corpses, soot, and other chaos.

    • 2.2(intuition)

      olfato masculine
      some people just have a nose for these things algunos tienen olfato para estas cosas
      • An adjoining room spoke of a man with a nose for aesthetics and simple comfort.
      • He is a hard-working, diligent professional with a nose for goal.
      • While Cusk suspected a social conspiracy designed to keep women producing, Enright too has a nose for peer-group propaganda.
      • Police in Wiltshire have welcomed a new recruit to the force with a nose for solving crime.
      • After studying stamps for years, Worley says you develop a nose for valuable ones.
      • His co-author James also had a nose for the mystery.
      • Sykes has a nose for the ball and the talent to be a playmaker, but he sometimes gets caught out of position or lost in traffic.
      • Alan Furst has the eye for detail, a nose for the street, and an ear for the way desperate people actually talk.
      • It is a cliche and sounds pretentious and self-glorifying, but it is true that you can get a nose for danger.
      • McGowan, a wine buff who is scrupulously careful about what he invests in, has a nose for a bargain.
      • Strickland has range, a nose for the ball and the instincts to make a difference.
      • Soon after he had joined the army, Drake had shown both talent for combat and strategy as well as a nose for top information.
      • Yes, he's the heart and soul of the Pats' defense and a true playmaker who has incredible instincts and a nose for the ball.
      • A nose for news and excellent verbal and written skills are a must.
      • Ronay has a nose for talent and was an early champion of Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanc.
      • He was a wonderfully sweet-natured boy; quick-witted, willing, and had a nose for golf.
      • He has a nose for drama - and eccentrics - and his diversions on his wild quest make for thrilling reading.
      • So if you are a budding entrepreneur with a nose for a good idea and think that you could capture the essence of, say, Leeds or Solihull in a bottle, now might be the time to give it a try.
      • If he has a feel for the zeitgeist of the television-watching public, he certainly has a nose for a good property investment.
      • He had a nose for poetic talent; indeed there was a current myth that Tambi only had to put his hands on a manuscript to know if the poems were any good or not.

  • 3

    (of wine)
    aroma masculine
    bouquet masculine
  • 4

    (of plane, car) parte delantera feminine
    (of plane, car) morro masculine
    (of plane, car) trompa feminine River Plate
    (of boat) proa feminine
    the cars were nose to tail los coches iban pegados (el uno al otro)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (rummage, pry)
    stop nosing into my affairs deja de meter las narices en mis asuntos informal
    • to nose around / about in sth husmear / fisgonear en algo
  • 2

    (move slowly)
    the truck nosed around the corner el camión se asomó lentamente por la esquina
    • to nose past/out/in pasar/salir/entrar lentamente

transitive verb

  • 1

    the dog nosed the door open el perro abrió la puerta con el hocico
    • to nose one's way avanzar con precaución
    • Each of the sinusitis sufferers had characteristic thickening of the mucous membranes in their noses or sinuses.
    • Treatments may involve using a device to keep your airway open or undergoing a procedure to remove tissue from your nose, mouth or throat.
    • The numeric values may be affected by whether the patient is breathing through the nose or mouth depending on the site of monitoring.
    • It enters the body when air is breathed in through the mouth and nose and into the lungs.
    • As air is inhaled, the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth warm and humidify the air before it enters the lungs.
    • The nose and nostril openings also should be as symmetrical as possible.
    • All other sounds are oral sounds and require that the space between the nose and the mouth be closed by the soft palate.
    • Breathing through the nose rather than the mouth helps keep the mouth washed by saliva.
    • The same aging process can affect the skin of the forehead, particularly just above the nose.
    • Occasionally a tube is put into the trachea through the nose or mouth to help with breathing.
    • The doctor took off my glasses and tapped my forehead above my nose.
    • Again, she tried to scream but one of the figures put a sickly smelling cloth on her nose and mouth and she began to feel tired.
    • Keep your nasal passages clear by gently blowing your nose, one nostril at a time.
    • Liquid leaks out of the blood vessels, making the mucous membranes lining the nose and throat to swell, and stimulating nearby gland to produce mucus.
    • It held a piece of fabric above his nose and mouth to keep out the rising stench.
    • Her eyes saw, her ears heard, her nose smelt every animal in the forest form the elk and bear to the termite and the shrew.
    • Deep breathing through the nose and mouth is often involved when volatile substances are abused, not simply ‘sniffing’.
    • Sinuses are lined with the same mucous membranes that line the nose and mouth.
    • When he falls in deep water, the non-swimmer should lie flat on his back, let his head submerge and keep only his nose and mouth above the surface.
    • Nosebleeds in children usually occur in the front of the nose due to picking the nose or to sensitive nostril linings.
    • It reveals an aromatic nose and flavoursome, velvety-smooth palate of Darjeeling tea, freshly picked roses and black cherries.
    • An exotic Lebanese assemblage of Sauvignon and muscat, this crisp, complex wine has a nose of light apricot and white flowers.
    • The nose lacks aroma, the palate is watery and the finish not memorable.
    • This is another reason on why one should appreciate the nose of a wine.
    • An inky black liquid with a strong nose, the wine is packed with dense, concentrated fruit and silky smooth tannins.
    • A lustrous dry wine, the nose exudes tinned apricot, the wash is a blend of nut, lime and very sweet ripe melon.
    • A blockbuster wine, the nose of which is bursting with fruit.
    • This is a very convincing Cabernet-driven wine; the nose is light and youthfully sweet.
    • Pineapple aromas overwhelm the nose and the palate harmonises these with toasty French oak.
    • The nose reveals zesty aromas that have you salivating before the liqueur has even passed your lips.
    • It's a deep, dark wine with a great nose, prune and plum flavours with a hint of oak.
    • Aggressive raspberry and black cherry nose is followed by a ripe fruit and sweet oak palate, and a finish which is slightly stalky and green.
    • It has an attractive nose of raspberry, with a long savoury finish.
    • It delivers an aromatic nose of red fruits and nuts, and a smooth, nutty palate backed by a splash of acidity on the finish.
    • Primary raspberry fruit dominates the nose and palate, and the finish is tweaked with toasty oak.
    • In the glass it is a deep purple and black wine with a nose of small sweet berries.
    • A big-boned and racy Languedoc Syrah, it has a warm perfumed nose that hints of heather and dried spices.
    • They could gain better access and a better angle if the nose of the aircraft was more level with the deck.
    • Then Redell pointed the aircraft's nose down the runway and accelerated ever so smoothly.
    • The nose of our plane got shot up, and I was wounded in the arm and groin.
    • This time Junior makes a dramatic move to the inside of the track, pointing the nose of his Chevrolet nearly straight at the pit lane.
    • The nose undercarriage was sheared off and one blade of the propeller was bent back underneath the nose of the aircraft.
    • This aspirin bottle was wedged against a rudder cable in the nose of the aircraft, behind the pilot's rudder pedals.
    • We could see the lights of the coast directly off the nose of the aircraft.
    • He pulled the nose of his slow-moving aircraft up and over sharply.
    • At the same time something dropped - guns probably - from the nose of the plane.
    • Special art was applied to the nose and the aircraft received the name California Boomerang.
    • A new helmet system allows the pilot to fire missiles at enemy craft by looking at them, rather than having to point the nose of the aircraft in the direction of the target.
    • Then the roll stopped and the nose of the plane started to level.
    • To quell understeer, for example, the system slows the inside rear wheel slightly in order to pull the nose back toward the inside of a turn.
    • He began his flare at 200 feet; however, the nose of the aircraft got a little too high.
    • Don't be afraid to use the rudder at the last second before touchdown to put the nose exactly in front of you.
    • Witnesses saw the nose drop and the aircraft plunge to the ground.
    • According to the Ministry of Defence, which later confirmed the incident, the nose of one aircraft touched the wing of another.
    • Once the nose of the aircraft is over the edge, we would be out of the ejection envelope and would run the risk of ejecting into the water or the side of the carrier.
    • It has a small museum with a collection of memorabilia, including examples of a lot of the lively art which found its way onto aircraft noses.
    • After Capt Hayes prompted Capt Mulloy multiple times, she finally pulled the power and lowered the nose of the aircraft.
    • The accident damaged the propeller and both sets of landing gear at the nose and the rear of the plane.