Translation of nosebag in Spanish:


morral, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnəʊzbaɡ//ˈnoʊzˌbæɡ/



  • 1

    morral masculine
    • From that corner, Ivaric realized, there also came a quiet munching sound, as if another horse fed from a nosebag.
    • ‘Because the pilgrims are not the only people here,’ Isobel replied, and pointed down the row of stalls to where a huge black horse was stabled, standing quietly as it ate from its nosebag.
    • He drew a nosebag of oats from one of the saddlebags and gave it to the hungry animal.
    • Three horses were munching happily in nosebags nearby.
    • Yet despite all this there was an air of conservation, the odd glimpse of the Old World in a narrow dingy lane where a dray horse shifted his weight from one hock to the other, blinking lazy lashes above the nosebag containing his lunch.