Translation of nosy parker in Spanish:

nosy parker

metomentodo, n.

(Nosy Parker)

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊzi ˈpɑrkər///



  • 1

    metomentodo masculine informal
    metiche masculine Latin America informal
    metelón masculine Mexico informal
    metelona feminine Mexico informal
    metete feminine Andes informal
    meterete masculine River Plate informal
    metereta feminine River Plate informal
    • This is done quite frequently by our bureaucrats when they lose an FOI battle, less out of spite than to deliver a warning to media nosy parkers that they're not going to get any scoops, so why go to all the trouble?
    • ‘Maybe you'll get a job as a nosy parker some day,’ she said and everyone laughed.
    • One states one's grounds, and the judge considers whether one is being a nosy parker, a political troublemaker, or someone who has a legitimate interest and concern.
    • I want to get the overall feel of everything, nosy parker that I am.
    • All local budding Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christies and other nosy parkers were running around last weekend trying to figure out what happened Friday Night at Bowmore Point.
    • It will encourage nosy parkers, and in the longer term it will discourage able people from putting their names forward to stand for Parliament.
    • Flesh Sunday's narrator is a nosy parker who mistakes a murderer for a fellow peeping tom.
    • Also, there's a few nosy parkers in the opposite 'van, with a lot of coming and going, and they've been not only been threatened with eviction, but had a few things thrown at their door by passing footballers.
    • From the side, nosy parkers just see a blank screen.
    • A nation of nosy parkers, we just can't resist the chance to see what became of the twit we sat next to in maths, or if we've finally managed to outdo little miss marvellously witty, beautiful, intelligent, can-do-no-wrong.
    • I haven't even told Hillary about Carey, much less the nosy parker of Sunrise.