Translation of notable in Spanish:


distinguido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊdəb(ə)l//ˈnəʊtəb(ə)l/


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    (author/actor) distinguido
    (success) señalado
    (difference/improvement) notable
    (improvement/difference) considerable
    (difference/improvement) marcado
    the area is notable for its lack of racial tension el distrito (se) destaca por la ausencia de tensión racial
    • it is notable that … es de notar que …
    • In Scott Murray's absence, young Alastair Kellock had a notable Celtic League debut.
    • His work also had a notable influence on young British realists of the time.
    • I disliked virtually everything they asked for, with two notable exceptions.
    • One of the most notable features of the building is a pair of large stone pineapples that flank the West Street facade.
    • Jackie Kay's Strawgirl marked the author's notable debut as a writer for children.
    • Planning law is complex, but its most notable feature is its infinite flexibility.
    • Apart from a few notable exceptions, everything seemed to conform to type.
    • Perhaps a dozen of these have notable vitality and some real academic distinction.
    • It is notable that bargaining power is revealed not only in explicit negotiation but also implicitly.
    • One notable exception to the rental costume list is the blue ball gown Knight wears in Act Two.
    • He led us on a short guided walk round the ceremony, drawing our attention to notable people on the way.
    • The Rothschilds are still prominent in banking in Britain and are notable patrons of the arts and sciences.
    • His bluntness is softened by a naturally upbeat demeanour and a notable lack of self-importance.
    • Two most notable events have taken place in the history of Richmond and its neighbourhood during the past week.
    • A notable exception is the prominent role played by Jewish patrons of the arts.
    • These two companies have the notable distinction of being able to generate a profit at the moment.
    • Other notable individuals who are still with the group have formed their own companies.
    • These things happen, and I'm sure everyone thought this was as notable an achievement as I did.
    • There are notable exceptions, especially among academics and medical faculties.
    • For the most part, the acting in the movie is excellent, with some notable exceptions.


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    personaje masculine
    persona importante feminine