Translation of notary in Spanish:


notario, n.

(notary public)

Pronunciation /ˈnəʊt(ə)ri//ˈnoʊdəri/

nounPlural notaries public, Plural notaries

  • 1

    notario masculine
    notaria feminine
    escribano (público) masculine River Plate
    escribana (pública) feminine River Plate
    • In January 1998 there was a reconciliation formally recorded by a notary, the effect of which may have been to suspend the custody order.
    • It was drawn up by a notary and was a binding contract.
    • Seven lawyers and three notaries were among those arrested, the Madrid-based ministry said.
    • They have to draw up all kinds of documents with notaries and lawyers and still these documents can be challenged.
    • These would be produced - to much hilarity - to notaries when signing legal documents and on other official occasions.
    • He claims that Isaacs presented him with a business card, with ‘Isaacs and Associates, attorneys, notaries and conveyancers’ printed on it.
    • When the holding of an auction was approved and the place and time were agreed upon, the notary drew up the conditions of sale.
    • Completion is the definitive passage of the property title from vendor to buyer by a public document, or by private contract authenticated by a notary for the purpose of registration.
    • The collection of the third portion of the harvest was often subcontracted to a third party, by means of a private contract drawn up by a notary.
    • The practice is so widespread that some notaries who witness real estate closings are said to set aside rooms for cash to change hands discreetly.
    • The next step is an exchange of contract executed before a notary public with the two parties' lawyers.
    • You could assemble two witnesses and a notary and sign the document yourself.
    • This agreement binds both parties to purchase/sell the property under the terms and conditions agreed, subject to clear title deed determined by the notary public.
    • The heart of their study is a large sample of loan contracts drawn by Parisian notaries.
    • The city yesterday opened the country's first judicial credit website, providing basic information to the public about local lawyers, law firms, notaries and community legal workers.
    • In Amsterdam, public notaries regularly recorded women's statements about the insulting maltreatment of their husbands.
    • There's great ceremony to the final act of purchase, with sellers, buyers, bankers, lawyers and agents all meeting in a notary's office to sign the deed.
    • This was a sprawling metropolis of some several thousand people, crammed on top of each other in little twisting streets, populated by swindlers, thieves, prostitutes, magistrates, notaries and artists.
    • A Frankish royal writing office with archchancellor and notaries can be documented throughout the eighth, ninth, and tenth centuries.
    • The most frightening thing is that you do most of it yourself, so I found myself constantly drawing enormous sums of cash from the bank and handing them over to the tax office, the lawyer, the notary, the vendor and so on.