Translation of notepad in Spanish:


bloc, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈnəʊtpad//ˈnoʊtˌpæd/


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    bloc masculine
    • I finished up the recipe and took notes in my notepad for blogging purposes.
    • She took out a notepad and a pen, staring silently at the blank page before she began making notes.
    • Unfortunately for him, he only had a small notepad and a rather scratchy fountain pen.
    • The waiter nods, makes another note on his notepad and then departs.
    • The front seats were littered with various scripts, lists and notepads, all covered in scribbles and yellow post it notes.
    • During a room clean up exercise, a notepad I used in England was found.
    • No writer, humorous or otherwise, should be without a notepad and pen - trusting an idea to memory is just asking for trouble.
    • Upstairs in my room in an old science binder is a collection of notepads filled with pages of potential plot lines.
    • The notepad had the names of lots of people on each page with a town at the top.
    • It looked as though Sam did a lot of studying because there were pens scattered to every corner of the table and notepads filled with pages and pages of scribbled notes and ideas.
    • She strung the yellow measuring tape around my stomach first, making little notes in a green notepad.
    • I take notes pretty frequently on notepads, but I almost never write entire stories by longhand.
    • Kaylee pulled out her sketch notepad and did a little chicken scratch drawing of a person sitting in thought.
    • The time I was mugged three of them arrived out an hour after the call and took notes in their notepads.
    • The police officer noted down a few notes in his notepad.
    • Countless dozens held anti-war placards, banners and notes - some hastily scribbled on school notepads - encouraging passing motorists to honk their horn in support.
    • Her face showed no emotion and she quickly jotted down a few notes before tossing her notepad to the side.
    • This guy in his mid to late twenties greeted us all, gave us notepads to take notes and began to speak.
    • Both of their yellow notepads were full of notes.
    • Laurel waved one hand languidly in the air before pulling a pencil from her bag and jotting notes into a small notepad.
    • IBM will on Monday unveil a machine in its ThinkPad range which will come with an integrated digital notepad.
    • Wireless networking and notepads (used by 65 per cent of staff) are also important.
    • She smiled once again, and looked down at the digital notepad.
    • Slightly shorter and had more fat, the newcomer greeted his friend and handed over the unfamiliar electronic notepads.
    • Serena watched him consult his electronic notepad then head for the door of the hotel room.
    • Rob returned to his quarters an hour later to find Sollain standing outside, clutching an electronic notepad in his clawed hand.
    • The analysts reckon consumer demand for laptops and notepads was behind the modest upturn.
    • Lynch scribbles on a digital notepad attached to a laptop wedged between them.
    • Magdalena tapped the stylus against the notepad, her brow furrowed, and her dark eyes narrowed.
    • Seven computer makers are offering this new breed of laptop PC with screens that double as electronic notepads.
    • Clea strapped on an apron over her uniform and pulled out her electronic notepad.
    • Cherry leaned over to peak at the calculations he had scrawled on a computer notepad, which made absolutely no sense to her at all.
    • She walked into the office and dropped her notepad and stylus lightly on the counter.
    • Plasma displays are used in products such as large flat screen televisions, whereas LCD panels are more suited to smaller TVs as well as the monitors in notepads and personal computers, explained the spokesperson from Fujitsu.
    • It has a digital notepad attached, for making handwritten notes.
    • Reaching into her bag on the floor, she pulled out her computerized notepad.
    • If a page becomes surplus to requirements then the paper version can be torn from the pad and the digital version erased from the notepad by using the X key.
    • Duvall produced an electronic notepad and began tapping on it as he answered.
    • But one of its innovations did make it, and made it on time: the notepad computer.
    • Each of them would be exactly the equivalent of your current computer screen, just like notepad computers.
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    minicomputadora feminine
    miniordenador masculine Spain

    en la que se utiliza un lápiz especial para ingresar los datos