Translation of notepaper in Spanish:


papel de carta(s), n.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊtˌpeɪpər//ˈnəʊtpeɪpə/


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    papel de carta(s) masculine
    • Of all the drivers who take the test in the city just 58.4% pass and the remainder go to the back of the forty week queue unless they can prove, with a letter on headed notepaper from their employer, that a full licence is critical for their job.
    • Then a letter arrives, on pink notepaper, from an anonymous woman who claims to have known Don 20 years previously.
    • Take the seemingly trivial matter of the letter he wrote on House of Commons headed notepaper to Wandsworth council saying he was ‘deeply concerned’ about a building development near a property he owns.
    • Andrew Miller, prosecuting for the Law Society, said it was possible no disciplinary action would have been taken if Mr Taylor had not written the letter in June 2002 on headed notepaper.
    • Employees at Queen Street Textile Museum are now intrigued to find out more about the letter, written on notepaper bearing the Queen Street Manufacturing Company header.
    • It is a commonly held misconception, due to the informal traditions of electronic communication, that e-mails carry less weight than letters on headed notepaper.
    • Some company will have been paid an enormous sum, they will spend thousands more reprinting notepaper and convincing us it's a good idea.
    • Carefully mocked up on City of York Council headed notepaper, the letter that landed on our desk is an exact replica of those sent out to local residents asking for comments on a new planning application.
    • Everything from studio sets to company notepaper and the station's transport fleet will carry the new logo, but perfectionist Ferguson still can't relax.
    • The letter inside was on expensive notepaper, with a crest at the top - Dufresne Industries.
    • ‘Twenty years ago, foreign countries began using recycled paper to make business cards and notepaper, but in China the industry is still in its teething period,’ he said.
    • It is written in block capital letters on a plain sheet of notepaper, and signed in block capitals rather than handwriting, making it impossible to determine if Baxter actually wrote the note.
    • Among his proudest possessions are the many letters he received from Mr Clark down the years, some written in his spidery, scarcely-legible handwriting, others typed on House of Commons notepaper.
    • Lennon drew a cartoon self-portrait and signed his name on a piece of notepaper as he left New York's Record Plant studio on December 8, 1980.
    • The three-page letter on Irish Provisional Government-headed notepaper is in remarkably good condition given that it was stored in a wallet for over three decades.
    • I quickly pull out a sheet of notepaper and start scribbling away.
    • She took out a piece of notepaper, and wrote a letter to Alison.
    • That would probably be a deal I did when I was about 25 to supply a Bond Street company with 300 sheets of headed notepaper.
    • But the letter on Scottish Rugby Union-headed notepaper simply never arrived.
    • Twenty-six names, on two sheets of Downing Street notepaper: a more eloquent and concise statement of the Prime Minister's standing than any number of opinion polls and election results could ever provide.