Translation of nothing in Spanish:


nada, pron.

Pronunciation /ˈnʌθɪŋ//ˈnəθɪŋ/


  • 1

    nothing has changed nada ha cambiado
    • he gave us nothing no nos dio nada
    • she said nothing to me a mí no me dijo nada
    • she said nothing else no dijo nada más
    • we achieved absolutely nothing no logramos absolutamente nada
    • you're hurt — it's nothing te has hecho daño — no es nada
    • it's soup or nothing, I'm afraid lo siento, pero hay sopa o nada
    • it's better than nothing, I suppose hombre, peor es nada
    • I thought a clerk's job was better than nothing pensé que trabajar de oficinista era mejor que nada
    • there's nothing worse no hay nada peor
    • there's nothing to eat no hay nada de comer
    • I have nothing more to say no tengo nada más que decir
    • there's nothing we can do no podemos hacer nada
    • there's really nothing of the genius about him en realidad no tiene nada de genio
    • nothing doing! ¡de eso nada!
    • there's nothing for it no hay más remedio
    • there was nothing for it but to trust them no había más remedio que confiar en ellos
    • there's nothing in it
    • there's nothing in it, they're just friends no hay nada entre ellos, son solo amigos
    • there's nothing in it as they come around the final bend van muy igualados al llegar a la curva final
    • this one may cost a bit more but there's nothing in it really puede que este cueste algo más pero la diferencia es mínima
    • there's nothing to it (it's groundless) no es cierto
    • So off I went again, browsing the site knowing that I could afford a CD single and nothing else.
    • This is just incredible, it's nothing like anything in Ohio that I've ever worked on.
    • The final ten minutes of the piece are nothing like anything in the rest of the film which is a real shame.
    • What we have today is a diluted bill that does nothing to repeal anything.
    • I can see nothing nor hear anything but I get a prickling feeling on the back of my neck.
    • They are with an unloved partner because, ultimately, anything is better than nothing.
    • What's the use, it never changes anything, nothing ever happens at all.
    • Don't worry though - if you haven't done anything wrong you've nothing to fear.
    • I could find nothing wrong in anything that John Howard said in his speech today.
    • So there was nothing extremist about anything the family have said so far.
    • They didn't take anything because there was nothing for them to take.
    • It's not like him and Melissa did anything wrong so he had nothing to be worried about.
    • Of course, none of this has happened yet, and it very well may be that nothing comes of anything.
    • The other two plans are to do nothing or have a single congestion charging zone.
    • Anastasia stood still, looking around for anything suspicious, but nothing happened.
    • If you get it wrong, there's nothing you can do, you're never gonna make anything good.
    • There is nothing permanent about anything positive or negative in our lives.
    • There has been nothing to suggest anything odd was happening at their house.
    • I don't have to do anything, or say anything, and nothing I do do will be assessed.
    • Those people who discard anything unwanted at their feet may see nothing wrong or offensive about their behaviour.
  • 2

    for nothing
    • she gave it to me for nothing me lo dio gratis
    • it was all for nothing todo fue en vano
    • I'd been worrying constantly: all for nothing tanto preocuparme para nada
    • all her precautions went for nothing todas sus precauciones fueron en vano
    • not for nothing was he called Ivan the Terrible no en vano / no por nada se le llamaba Iván el Terrible
    • if nothing else al menos
    • nothing but
    • he reads nothing but science fiction no lee más que ciencia ficción
    • I've heard nothing but good about her todo lo que me han dicho de ella ha sido bueno
    • she's caused nothing but trouble no ha causado (nada) más que problemas
    • he's nothing but a pompous old fool no es más que un pedante imbécil
    • nothing if not
    • he's nothing if not reliable es totalmente de fiar
    • they treated us nothing if not fairly nos trataron con total justicia
    • nothing less than
    • it's nothing less than scandalous/a disgrace es verdaderamente escandaloso/una verdadera vergüenza
    • nothing like
    • there's nothing like a shower to freshen you up no hay (nada) como una ducha para refrescarse
    • there's nothing like it es lo mejor que hay
    • she's nothing like her mother no se parece en nada a su madre
    • I'm sure it cost her nothing like $500 estoy seguro de que no le costó 500 dólares ni mucho menos
    • nothing more than
    • it's nothing more than a scratch no es más que un rasguño
    • nothing much
    • nothing much happened no pasó gran cosa
    • there was nothing much I could say no pude decir gran cosa
    • nothing short of
    • the idea's nothing short of absurd la idea cae de lleno en lo absurdo
    • the consequences would be nothing short of disastrous las consecuencias no serían ni más ni menos que desastrosas


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    cero masculine
  • 2

    (worthless thing, person)
    in his eyes I'm a nothing para él soy un cero a la izquierda
    • this is a mere nothing to what they spend on food and drink esto no es nada comparado con lo que gastan en comida y bebida
    • to whisper sweet nothings susurrar palabras de amor
    • he whispered sweet nothings in her ear le susurraba palabras de amor al oído