Translation of notice in Spanish:


letrero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnoʊdəs//ˈnəʊtɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(written sign)

      letrero masculine
      aviso masculine
      to put up a notice poner un letrero / aviso
      • Among the information in the passenger notices was a section on baggage, which stated that the free bag allowance is two pieces of checked luggage per passenger.
      • Secretary Peter Kay said members had resorted to sticking information notices of their own on bus stops as the partnership and bus operators had failed to properly publicise diversion routes.
      • A watchdog has ruled that clamping cannot be allowed in areas where there is no obvious warning notice.
      • When floodwater rises and obscures this warning notice, it is dangerous to drive ahead.
      • Walkers are asked to obey any notice with warnings that tree felling may be in progress.
      • Last year notices were posted along University Road informing us of a proposal to cut the speed restriction on the long, straight stretch from 40 to 30 mph.
      • Look out for the notice of the Samaritans information evening in the end of September.
      • We posted a notice on the website and the new information went out with the second and third batch of letters.
      • Public notices will be displayed around car parks and people can view plans online.
      • Park staff will be posting closure notices where footpaths and bridleways meet with the public highway.
      • I'll be posting notices around the school, so look out.
      • Bradford Council is also looking closely at objections to the scheme from Ilkley residents, since it put up its formal notice about the planned work.
      • This weekend police will display notices on lampposts in and around the triangular zone explaining how the orders work.
      • Until that date any parking infringements found will be given an informal warning notice without a penalty.
      • Public notices will be displayed in advance and parents who don't comply run the risk of the council clearing the plots.
      • The shop posted a written notice informing its customers that no invalid bills will be accepted after July 1.
      • But when I roll up to the Inverey hostel I am greeted by a little notice informing me it will open at 1700 hours.
      • The court said the standard warning notice sent to the student was incorrectly worded.
      • Information notices will be attached to the bus stops in advance of the work so as to advise users of the temporary arrangements.
      • The college posted huge notices informing students and staff that there would be a three minute silence.

    • 1.2(item of information)

      anuncio masculine
      the birth/marriage notices los anuncios de nacimientos/matrimonios
      • the death notices los avisos fúnebres

    • 1.3(review)

      reseña feminine
      crítica feminine
      • The show duly received glowing notices in every newspaper.
      • He thought the London location would alter the emphasis from paying attention to the working class audience to one of trying to get good notices from the London critics.
      • It received good notices from the critics and respectable ratings at first.
      • Nationwide, Cason's book inspired reviews and notices in many leading newspapers and periodicals.
      • Although many of the critics have yet to publish their reactions in America, notices so far have been generally positive.
      • Since its launch in January, the ratings have been abysmal and the critical notices worse.
      • The latest volume in this series contains six original essays, a lengthy review article, and a number of book notices.
      • The work received mixed notices from the critics.
      • We all know how book blurbs and theatre notices can, by careful editing, turn critical comments into a rave review.
      • Despite the presence of the two stars the film received mixed notices.
      • It's therefore an edgy time as she awaits the notices for a book that she spent three years writing.
      • Audiences, on the other hand, seem perplexed that their response differs so markedly to those reflected in the film's notices.
      • The notices were extraordinary, one critic from the Literary Review describing Wallace as a cross between Franz Kafka and David Lynch.
      • His books have also stopped receiving notices.
      • There were some negative notices, however, with several finding the films pace too slow for comfort and its narrative going nowhere, slowly.
      • That volume commanded polite notices and some positive reviews.
      • The book drew favourable notices and went through five print runs, but in summer 2002 it was not on many radar screens.
      • His efforts to find viable synonyms were not in vain: the book was released to admiring notices in January 2004.
      • He was not the sort of writer who claimed never to read notices of his books; he was too engaged, too polemical to remain that aloof.
      • A short notice cannot do justice to this admirable and thought-provoking book.

  • 2

    it has come/been brought to my notice that … ha llegado a mi conocimiento que …/se me ha señalado que … formal
    • it was never brought to his notice no se le advirtió al respecto
    • his talent brought him to the notice of several directors su talento hizo que varios directores repararan en él
    • the error escaped my notice el error se me pasó por alto
    • The word ‘despicable’ is mild in comparison with other descriptions that have come to my notice.
    • These are the kind of clues that might escape the notice of the casual observer.
    • While I spoke I couldn't help but notice how his full attention was on me.
    • The woman had brightened up amazingly when it had come to her notice that well over half the population where male.
    • In fact, you barely notice after a while, since you're so absorbed in Eddie's arcane ramblings.
    • No one around this school ever noticed him or paid much attention if they did notice.
    • Petrov is the main beneficiary of O'Neill's latest reorganisation, a fact that has not escaped the manager's notice.
    • It didn't escape their notice that even though he carried a sword, he had never once drawn it.
    • Cases like these have not come to my notice but if there really are such instances, we will definitely take action.
    • My Sunday school teacher suggested that maybe the fact that I'm trying to escape notice inadvertently brings me into the limelight.
    • Teachers need to observe each child and notice if modifications need to be made in teaching reading to children.
    • Maddy laughed as Joan passed Luke without much notice to the fact that he couldn't stop watching her.
    • Despite massive opposition by the British public, it looks unlikely that our elected representatives will take much notice of this fact.
    • It is hard for a biologist in the field to escape their notice, so it is hard to observe them closely.
    • The men that were beside her stayed where they were and didn't take any notice to the fact that she had just done what she had just done.
    • Obviously no papers have come to his notice on his six hours' train journey.
    • Since then it has come to my notice how little is being done to make shopping easier for disabled people in the way of access to goods in some stores.
    • We didn't really take much notice of the fact that he was an aristocrat and a monarchist.
    • When they come to our notice, therefore, it is mainly by accident.
    • The first thing you'll notice is the fact that the franchise interface has been completely revamped.
  • 3

    • 3.1(notification)

      aviso masculine
      without prior notice sin previo aviso
      • to give two months' notice avisar con dos meses de antelación / anticipación
      • notice of sth/to + inf
      • we require at least two days' notice of any changes cualquier cambio nos debe ser comunicado con por lo menos dos días de antelación / anticipación
      • you had plenty of notice of our arrival nuestra llegada le fue comunicada con bastante antelación / anticipación
      • they gave us clear notice of their intentions nos señalaron claramente cuáles eran sus intenciones
      • official notice of redundancies has now been given los despidos han sido notificados oficialmente
      • to serve notice on sb notificar a algn
      • We are looking forward to a good entry and hope this advance notice will allow producers of breeding sheep to get together a healthy entry.
      • We are prepared at moment's notice to release the nerve gas over the city.
      • He says some Maori were given less than a day's notice to prepare an oral submission, on what is a major piece of legislation.
      • That is, it's something that happened and could happen again without notice or warning.
      • Local oil companies have told the bureau that they need three months' notice to prepare for the new fuel specification.
      • I think it's far from necessary to allow our enemies detailed advanced notice of our next move.
      • For savers who are prepared to give notice before taking out their money, interest rates payable are generally higher.
      • The tenant charged the premises without giving notice, and allowed the specified date to pass without making the reconstruction.
      • They have swiped hundreds of signs, including chevrons and direction indicators giving motorists advance notice of hazards.
      • This timely notice gives time to prepare children for this very popular event.
      • These regulations should be extended to cover all insurances with advance notice of 10 weeks minimum applying.
      • Under section 84 the parole board gives the community adequate notice of the parolee's application.
      • Earlier Mr Sinclair had complained that he had not had enough notice to prepare for Mr Williams' appearance at the inquiry.
      • The lawsuit was based on the fact that the city gave no warning or notice that they would be cleaning debris from the riverbank.
      • Lunch and dinner are available on giving advance notice.
      • IBM argues that fraud allegations must be backed up in great detail, and give the defendant fair notice to prepare a defense.
      • The absence of wirescape and the impressive decorative lamp standards give advance notice of an unusually fine town landscape.

    • 3.2(of termination of employment)

      preaviso masculine
      I have to give (the company) a month's notice tengo que dar un mes de preaviso
      • she was given (her) notice la despidieron
      • to give / hand in one's notice presentar su (or mi etc.) renuncia / dimisión
      • to work (out) one's notice trabajar el tiempo de preaviso
      • He gave 12 months' notice of his intention to step down in November 2002.
      • The policy allows pilots to give notice on the last day of the month and retire the following day.
      • Although Fettis is technically a free agent, players are supposed to give 14 days notice of their intention to leave.
      • Grimshaw was given formal notice to quit in 1885, but had probably already returned to Leeds.
      • A group of 10 junior pilots was already given a month's compulsory redundancy notice early last week.
      • Fairness factors may also be considered in assessing reasonable notice.
      • During this time other managers at the centre also decided to leave voluntarily and gave notice to terminate their employment.
      • The two-day hearing was told that the McHardys were given just ten minutes notice of the redundancies.
      • It will include free training for all miners as soon as they get their redundancy notice as well as the creation of a jobs hotline in the Selby Job Centre.
      • Provisional notice of City's intention to withdraw its membership of the Football League has already been given.
      • He does not depose to the fact that such notice was ever given to the second applicant or the first applicant.
      • Workers who have been made redundant will be able to make claims up to £280 a week for pay, holiday pay, pay in lieu of notice and redundancy.
      • The matter is more urgent because staff have already been given their redundancy notice; once they go, the work is likely to cease.
      • The employee was given his notice of redundancy on Friday, June 6.
      • The claimant in that case received notice terminating his employment on 30th September 1977.
      • Obviously we are very close to the final date by which we can give notice and your urgent attention to this matter will be most appreciated.
      • If you leave before you get formal notice of redundancy, you are unlikely to be entitled to any statutory payment.
      • He then held that these requirements were not fulfilled before 19th January 2001 when notice was in fact given.
      • It's as if my usual fighting spirit has up and left without any formal notice.
      • He has already received his redundancy notice and is due to leave the firm on September 10.

transitive verb

  • 1

    I didn't notice anything strange no noté nada extraño
    • did you notice the scar on his cheek? ¿te fijaste en / notaste la cicatriz que tenía en la mejilla?
    • notice the interesting decoration above the door fíjense en / observen el interesante decorado sobre la puerta
    • he pretended not to notice me hizo como si no me hubiera visto
    • I managed to sneak out without being noticed logré escabullirme sin que nadie se diera cuenta
    • to get oneself noticed hacerse notar
    • he's the sort of person you wouldn't notice in a crowd es el tipo de persona que pasa desapercibida / en la cual uno no repara entre un grupo de gente
    • I noticed (that) he had been crying me di cuenta de que había estado llorando
    • have you noticed that he never offers to help? ¿te has dado cuenta de que nunca se ofrece a ayudar?
    • I notice you've bought a jacket veo que te has comprado una chaqueta
    • I couldn't help noticing that … no pude menos que notar que…
    • did you happen to notice whether he was there? ¿por casualidad viste si estaba allí?
    • did you notice who that was/what they were doing? ¿te diste cuenta de quién era/de qué estaban haciendo?
    • to notice sb/sth + inf/-ing
    • nobody noticed him put it in his pocket nadie lo vio ponérselo en el bolsillo
    • I noticed water dripping from the ceiling noté que caían gotas de agua del techo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (realize, observe)
    darse cuenta
    I pretended not to notice hice como si no me diera cuenta
    • he did it without my noticing lo hizo sin que me diera cuenta
    • Since good news doesn't make the news, we don't notice it nor realize how often the good things are happening.
    • He noticed the youth was wearing dark clothes and there was a helmet lying on the road.
    • Only a trained observer would notice her hands and feet look somewhat larger and more masculine.
    • Ever the observant one, Barry notices these things about me even in these circumstances.
    • Sharp-eyed observers may notice the addition of one tiny syllable to this site overnight.
    • A keen observer might notice the Star of David she wears around her neck.
    • It's little things like that which get noticed by observant kids such as myself.
    • Its something that I wasn't really aware of until recently, but I'm starting to notice this phenomenon more and more.
    • Despite being a medical man, I did not have my friend's amazing power of observation to notice the subtle differences in ears.
    • You observe yourself everyday and notice your weaknesses and because you realize this you are unhappy.
    • She didn't realize that he was noticing the greenish bruises that still covered her cheeks.
    • At that time it was noticed that the defendant was behaving strangely, said the prosecution.
    • Her main involvement was to help Gabriel be aware of children who had questions when he did not notice their raised hands.
    • Know your body, be aware of any changes and contact your doctor if you notice anything unusual.
    • He was trying to concentrate on each miserable step forward; and so he didn't notice the gang of youths until he'd bumped into one of them.
    • He probably didn't notice anything, but I know that I was aware of the big smirk on her face, as was Abby.
    • Altered states allow us to become more aware, so we tend to notice things we normally wouldn't.
    • You may notice obsessive patterns and habits of mind you weren't aware of before starting this practice.
    • Deep in his thoughts, Luther did not notice the drunk that was approaching him.
    • I couldn't help but notice the realization that dawned on my father's face.
  • 2informal

    it hardly notices apenas se nota