Translation of noughts and crosses in Spanish:

noughts and crosses

tres en raya, n.



  • 1

    tres en raya masculine
    tres en línea masculine Colombia
    gato masculine Mexico Chile
    ta-te-ti masculine River Plate
    • This computer, apparently, could play a mean game of noughts and crosses.
    • Anyway I took this class with A and we spent most of our time playing noughts and crosses and writing letters to his girlfriend.
    • Children can now play on a train, run round giant pencils, play human noughts and crosses or sail on the HMS Friendship.
    • Cut the remaining anchovies in half and place them, like noughts and crosses, on top of the tuna sauce.
    • They took up whole warehouses just to create a game of noughts and crosses.
    • He starts out with fairly ordinary things, and then moves on to signing with noughts and crosses boards, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and you name it, really.
    • After the onslaught of my all-singing, all-dancing ‘entertainment’, playing I Spy and noughts and crosses and eating her ‘cheese dreams’ (you don't hear of them in these diet-conscious days), Auntie May was exhausted.
    • Throughout both days the divers would speak to the public via underwater communications, play noughts and crosses with the children and generally entertain the crowd.
    • Everybody was absorbed with doodling on their paper or playing noughts and crosses with the person beside them.
    • Perhaps he was playing himself at noughts and crosses.
    • Spain, by contrast, enjoyed what amounted to a solo game of noughts and crosses, constructing pretty, match-winning patterns without any impediment whatsoever.
    • Will and I talked most of the day and played noughts and crosses and I spy when we weren't talking.
    • By this we mean that its structure is not so complex that our study of it is a doomed and hopeless task, nor is it so simple that it is rapidly completed and found trivial, like a game of noughts and crosses.
    • Meanwhile, while Si dozed during the sermon; Lara and Ben had been up to something much more constructive: noughts and crosses.
    • People had scrawled their initials all over it and there was even what looked to be a noughts and crosses board scratched into the stonework.
    • To someone whose pinnacle of visual creativity was a game of noughts and crosses in 1983, such a concise summary of different types of art was a valuable advance in my knowledge, to say the least.
    • My first angle is that games, even a game of noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) doesn't have all the rules written down.
    • ‘He invented all sorts of things, he once offered a prize of £50 to anybody who could beat his computer at noughts and crosses, but nobody ever did,’ she said.
    • Some people say it's nothing more than noughts and crosses, and you can learn the rules in five minutes, but to be great at it, it can take you a lifetime.
    • We then continued our party at a bookshop near All Nations where we drank red wine and played 3D noughts and crosses.