Translation of nourishment in Spanish:


alimento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈnərɪʃmənt//ˈnʌrɪʃm(ə)nt/


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    alimento masculine
    it contains little real nourishment tiene muy poco valor nutritivo / alimenticio
    • it provides the nourishment the plant requires aporta los nutrientes que la planta necesita
    • to take nourishment alimentarse
    • In this discussion Buddhists draw nourishment and guidance from a centuries-old tradition of Christian meditative prayer and monastic practice.
    • If this congestion is not cleared up quickly, the blood will clot and arteries that bring the tissues their necessary nourishment will become plugged and the tissues will die.
    • Consider how the fruit of the Spirit in its splendid variety provides nourishment for our souls.
    • Since you, the parent is the baby's primary source of physical and emotional nourishment, your well being can contribute to the presence or absence of colic.
    • For instance, people demand food because of the nourishment it offers them.
    • Also, he knew he needed bodily nourishment to bring up his declining health.
    • When the spleen is weak, the body will not be able to use the nourishment available in food.
    • The patient can specify in advance in his living will under what conditions nourishment, hydration or other life support should be withheld.
    • We may value the activity of eating to the degree that it provides nourishment.
    • His instincts tell him that is where he will find nourishment.
    • The sturdy roots dug deep into unyielding rocks and drew nourishment from the seemingly sterile soil.
    • Much of the research, conducted on soldiers and workers in order to determine the minimum nourishment necessary to maintain health, emphasized models of efficiency.
    • Adequate nourishment is critical when attempting any difficult mental and physical work.
    • As long as we get the nourishment necessary to survive we live, when we don't, we die.
    • He breathes without the machine, receives nourishment through the tubes, stares without seeing, and listens without hearing.
    • They all offer white bread, middle-of-the-road ideas or experiences entirely lacking in intellectual or emotional nourishment.
    • My feeling is that there is a lack of spiritual nourishment among younger people.
    • For spiritual nourishment there were halls of worship filled with statues of the Buddha.
    • Young artists ransacked antique shops and archives to find spiritual nourishment beyond the groundwork that had been laid waste.
    • Art was hailed as an inner, ethical necessity, primary nourishment for the soul.