Translation of nowhere in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈnoʊˌ(h)wɛr//ˈnəʊwɛː/


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    where did you go last night? — nowhere ¿adónde fuiste anoche? — a ningún lado / a ninguna parte
    • nowhere else will you find such beautiful scenery en ninguna otra parte encontrarás un paisaje tan hermoso
    • she was nowhere to be found/seen no se la encontraba/se la veía por ningún lado / por ninguna parte
    • to come / finish nowhere terminar a la zaga
    • With nowhere left to run, Massood's margin for error is very thin.
    • This was a strategic reality that had nowhere been intimated during the armistice of 1989-91.
    • In particular, the Regulation covers the families of EC workers, which are nowhere mentioned in the Treaty.
    • The mere ‘power politician’ may get strong effects, but actually his work leads nowhere and is senseless.
    • I have checked Oxley's reports and nowhere do they mention that 100 Aborigines or twenty Europeans were killed.
    • Pre-born humans are, so far as conscious experience is concerned, nowhere.
    • You could be living anywhere or nowhere and not at the end of a very sick River Murray.
    • As is the case with UK law, the aims of Community policy are nowhere encapsulated in its legislative provisions.
    • He later extended his methods to study the Koch curves which are continuous everywhere but nowhere differentiable.
    • Even people who usually have three or four parties to go to were invited nowhere or purposely decided to stay in.
    • But the bold claims of cable infomercials are nowhere heard in the halls of science.
    • But nowhere are the vitality and virtues of his boyhood locality celebrated more compellingly than in this novel about a national nightmare.
    • But nowhere will he be missed more than in the offices of the ‘Western People’.
    • I was not behaving very sensibly, but nowhere had I experienced such a nauseating attitude to girls as in the last throes of Franco's sick and dying Spain.
    • Gambling has been an important part of our national experience and nowhere is it more evident than in our military history.
    • Above all, we offer our students something that exists almost nowhere else in academia - a huge amount of one to one time.
    • The undergrowth was, in places, thick, but nowhere impenetrable.
    • Such self-satisfaction and optimism have nowhere been more on display than in the financial media.
    • Secondly I note you nowhere provide any argument for why we - the taxpayers - should fund these disastrous lifestyle choices.
    • The next morning, Damien and Jim are nowhere to be found.


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    nowhere was open yet todavía no había nada (or ningún lugar etc.) abierto
    • Paris is like nowhere else París es único
    • he had nowhere to go/hide no tenía dónde ir/dónde esconderse
    • She added: ‘I do feel sorry for the residents but there's nowhere else to park.’
    • Our normal condition of life is that we have nowhere decent to live and we are frequently stopped and searched or arrested.
    • Customer and student Natalie Darby said: ‘There's nowhere else to get such good food.’
    • Its forced departure, prior to any demolition work, will leave people in Wimbledon with nowhere spacious to sit and eat their Big Macs.
    • The torrential rain and widespread flooding left nowhere untouched.
    • The peasants of Baimiao Town and Tienqiao Village in Linquan County had nowhere left to turn to, but they did not rebel.
    • It was mooted in Sheffield and nowhere suitable could be found because of protests from local business people.
    • Her own students and other children in the area had nowhere to gain ensemble experience and it was too far to travel to Sydney so she began her own local string group.
    • Last year, doctors declared him well enough to be discharged but the family home in Aldermoor was unsuitable and nowhere big enough could be found.
    • People inexplicably disappear, and families with nowhere else to go make their homes in the cold and crumbled concrete.
    • It leaves some coach drivers with nowhere to park, aimlessly driving round the airport until their passengers appear outside the terminal.
    • Ah, you will say, but if publishers don't bother with small fry, then eventually they will run out of big fry, because the big fry will have nowhere to learn their trade.
    • A postcode lottery of legal aid is leaving desperate people with nowhere to turn for help on problems such as homelessness and domestic violence.
    • A group of Farnhill mums, fed up with having nowhere for their children to play, have got together to raise money to update an ageing play area in the village.
    • There are currently more than 40 beds blocked by patients who are well enough to leave the ward, but have nowhere suitable to go.
    • Otherwise we will suffer a similar a fate to that experienced by the boatpeople - adrift, unwanted and with nowhere to call home.
    • There's nowhere for them to go although Amber is trying to place these young men and women.
    • Experience shows that nowhere is too small to host activities against the war.
    • Other factors in the sparrow's decline are modern buildings that offer nowhere to nest, an increase in the number of cats, and changes in farming practices.
    • That, and the fact that means there has been almost no new council housing built in the past 20 years, there is virtually nowhere affordable to live.